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How does it all work?

1. Content Aggregation

Our proprietary software collects relevant content, including news, research material, industry events, employment opportunities, real estate listings etc, from established sources and stores the material in databases in our data center located in Dallas, Texas.

Additional material is submitted directly by network member companies, free lance writers and other contributors.

2. Editorial Control

All content is dynamically distributed to editors located in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Germany, reviewed for content, relevancy and then assigned to our various regional, industry and departmental channels.

Following the quality control processes our extensive library of industry related news, research material and analysis is updated.

3. Content Distribution

Utilizing a variety of technologies network partners access our data banks and distribute the content to industry portals, corporate intranets, association web sites, newsletters and both public and private content feeds.

Partners receive filtered data based on their specific audience requirements including language, regional, industry or segment.

Access to our data banks is available in hosted, client-hosted and native desktop application formats.

Who is listening?

That is always an important question. Yes the audience is listening!

We serve 68,981 Registered Users, 31,606 Subscribers and 21,576 Domains as of Monday September 16th, 2019.

What are the results?

We provide you with detailed statistics for each release we distribute.

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Who is the audience?

Distribution Channels

Our network syndicates industry content to a worldwide audience of 750,000+ users. We target segments in all hospitality industries including chains, groups, individual owners and operators, industry associations, educational organizations, consumer & industry press, news aggregators, consultants and suppliers. Users are aggregated through industry portals, corporate intranets, association web sites, newsletters and both public and private content feeds.

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Post A Press Release

We provide several solutions based on your estimated annual volume of press releases. You can order by credit card by clicking on the buttons below, or if you prefer contact us to arrange for billing.

Once your payment has been received or your account is activated, we will provide you with a private email address to submit your materials to.

Single Release - $135.00

Publish your release on Hotel News Resource and distribute via the Nevistas Network to reach a highly targeted industry audience.


10 Pack of Releases - $1080.00

Pre-purchase the distribution of 10 press releases. This package represents a 20% savings and the 10 Pack does not expire. This package is ideal for companies with a varying volume of distribution requirements.


Annual Subscription - $1350.00

An annual subscription allows for the distribution of an unlimited number of press releases. Subscribers are featured in a number of network publications and receive 10,000 banner ads monthly on our network.

This package is an excellent vehicle to keep your organization or brand in front of a very loyal audience on an ongoing basis.


10 professionally written news releases or articles (500 - 650 words) - includes distribution - $1850.00

Designed specifically for unlimited news release clients, this package ensures you will receive full value for your membership. Our writer will create compelling and search engine optimized news releases on any topic you request. Use your 10 credits over a two month period or spread them out over the year.


1 professionally written news release or article (500 - 650 words) - includes distribution - $195.00

Our writer will create compelling and search engine optimized news releases on any topic you request.