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The explosive growth of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor is transforming the hotel industry does business. These days all travelers turn to the internet for hotel customer reviews, ratings, comments and recommendations, now more than ever social media influences customer decisions. No hotel can afford to ignore the power of social media, and they need reliable social media software and tools to properly monitor and manage reviews and reputations.

Hotel Review Monitoring

State of the art social media management online tools help aggregate and deliver user reviews, expert reviews, ratings, and rankings from a wide range of travel related websites. If someone posts any images or videos about the hotel online, the software allows the marketing manager to know about it. The tools are flexible, and can be set up to provide information at the frequency you desire. Weekly or monthly information can also be provided in digest form.

Social media software tools help hotels stay on top of the larger consumer trends with regard to the hospitality business and their changing tastes and aspirations. A hotel can analyze the shifting trends from a wide range of online comments from guests about its property. It provides a better perspective of the hotels strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of the customer. This information can be vital to improve the hotel's marketing and guest experience strategies.

Hotel Reputation Management

An increasing number of hotels are making use of advanced software tools to manage their online reputation and guest comments in the free and endless Internet jungle. This task cannot be performed manually, considering the vast scale of online communication happening each day on the World Wide Web. Therefore, a number of advanced software programs are available to help the hotels manage their online reputations effectively.

Hotel marketing managers are increasingly realizing that it is impractical for them to physically visit every single social media website, forum, and network to look for comments and reviews about their hotel, and respond as necessary. Online reputation management software programs that are designed to suit the needs of the hotel industry can help in monitoring online reviews and responses, conduct trend analysis, protect and build brands.

Top Rated Hotel Social Media Monitoring Solutions for 2012

MadeInSocial: The Future of Social Media Monitoring for the Hospitality Industry
Finally a Hotel Social Media Monitoring Solution With Everything You Need! MadeinSocial is the new kid on the block, providing everything that you expect in a social media monitoring software, plus a very intuitive filtering system based on a sentiment algorthym, that so far puts this software ahead of the others. The other major advantage for MadeInSocial is that the software makes it very easy to narrow down and focus on niche subjects and the hospitality and hotel industry is a perfect example. MadeInSocial has given some very simple templates for the hotel industry but anyone with a mind for marketing will see the huge possibilities that this new software provides.
ReviewPro: Offering Innovative Solutions for the Hotel Industry
ReviewPro is one of the top social media analytics and online reputation management solutions for the hotel industry. The size and scale of ReviewPro can be estimated from the fact that it indexes more than 100 million guest reviews in 22 languages across 80 of the most relevant customer review websites and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). The software package is one of the most widely accepted solutions in the global hotel industry.
Revinate: Online Reputation Management Expert for the Hotel Business
Revinate is a user-friendly software service designed exclusively to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. The immense popularity of the Internet and social media have created a challenge before the hotel businesses to understand and manage their online reputation and learn how to leverage such vast amounts of information and feedback to their advantage.
Olery Reputation: Social Media and Online Monitoring for the Hospitality Industry
Olery Reputation is one of the premier software services designed for the hospitality industry to execute effective online monitoring and social media management across the World Wide Web. Olery works with an aim to transform each customer into a brand ambassador for the hotel. It has developed user-friendly software tools for its leisure and hospitality clients to provide valuable insights into its online reputation and social media networking.
ReviewAnalyst: The Proactive Tool for Hotels and Restaurants
ReviewAnalyst is one of the most trusted review and social media monitoring tools designed for hotels and restaurants. This state of the art program monitors review websites, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), and leading social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, FourSquare, and others. The strength of ReviewAnalyst is that this tool allows hotels and restaurants to take a proactive approach to user-generated comments, blogs, reviews, videos, and images.
TrustYou: Managing Online Reputations for the Hospitality Industry
TrustYou has been raising the bar for online reputation solutions for the hospitality industry since 1998. The advanced and user-friendly TrustYou software programs help hotel and restaurant businesses monitor reviews, blogs, posts across social media networks, and collect trusted reviews directly from the hotels guests with a view to managing the hotels online reputation most effectively.

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