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Is Your PMS Helping to Drive Revenue for Your Property? Join This Week’s StayNTouch LIVE Demo Session

StayNTouch, A Shiji Group Brand

Every hotel owner and manager strives for the same goal: delight guests while generating significant revenue and profits. But achieving this holy grail often proves elusive. Today’s modern cloud-based PMS platforms have the potential to increase the productivity of your team, the efficiency of your operations, increase your guest spend and impact your bottom line with enhanced revenue opportunities.

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In this week's live demo, we'll show you how StayNTouch’s Mobile PMS enables hotels to:

● Update and access critical guest date at every touchpoint

● Automate timely upsells with upgrades and dynamic packages

● Create a frictionless and unique guest experience creating loyalty and repeat guests

● Manage all bookings to increase your hotel's direct reservations and overall revenue

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