Hotel Payment Collection

The Necessary Revolution in Hotel Payment-Collection Operations - Mirai

Excerpt from mirai

Payment-collection and refund management is a big headache for most hotels. It requires more and more time, generates direct costs and is a source of incidents and claims from clients, with the resulting chargebacks being highly frustrating.

The problem lies in the lack of tools and automations in hotel operations when it comes to receiving direct-payment bookings guaranteed by credit card. This results in unsafe manual procedures which, in most cases, do not meet the current regulation on PCI security standards.

Secure payment, also known as 3D Secure, to prevent chargebacks

Having the client’s credit card, even the CVV2 number, as a guarantee is no longer enough to guarantee payment. The high level of fraud in Internet payments added to the dishonesty of many clients have resulted in a high number of chargebacks, which generate a considerable feeling of helplessness in the industry. By direct payment, we are referring to:

  • In flexible rates, how to charge the penalty in the event of cancellations made out of time or no-shows in a secure manner?

It affects you as soon as you accept a direct-payment booking with flexible cancellation policy. It therefore affects most hotels.

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