Asia-Pacific Hotel Operator Guide

HVS Asia-Pacific Hotel Operator Guide 2018 - By Pawinee Chaisiriroj and Daniel J Voellm

The publication continues to serve owners as a reference for which operator has a strong presence in their home market and in potential future markets further ashore as well as key feeder markets across the region.


We proudly present to you the Fifth Edition of the annual Asia-Pacific Hotel Operator Guide. Talking to stakeholders in the industry, this publication has become increasingly sought after by the market to evaluate potential candidates to operate a hotel property anywhere in Asia-Pacific. Distribution power, market experience, brand portfolio and geographic presence are all relevant factors in narrowing down the best match. We greatly appreciate the support from all participants of this guide to provide a more comprehensive profile of our industry in the region.

Owners, many of which are our clients, increasingly look for brands to help maximize the performance of their properties. This task needs to be approached carefully, understanding motivations and objectives on both sides of the table. Size doesn’t always matter, yet it often helps. Ultimately, it is the confidence an owner can take in the operator to provide a better return to the bottom line that closes the deal. Many small steps need to be taken along the way and the journey can be anywhere from exhausting to exciting.

In this fifth edition, we have captured over one million existing and more than half a million pipeline rooms spread over 8,395 properties. This publication features major operators and we look forward to have more brands included in forthcoming editions. Our analysis covers 31 countries and territories in Asia-Pacific and 1,038 markets with existing hotels as well as 718 markets with proposed hotels. Special thanks also go to my co-author Pawinee Chaisiriroj, who liaised with the operators and compiled that data, presenting you with an important resource in our HVS library. Happy reading!

Daniel J. Voellm, MRICS
Managing Partner, Asia Pacific

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