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OPERA Reporting and Analytics - Unlock the Power of Data - By Gene Yasuda

These days, every hotelier knows there are invaluable business insights to be discovered in data. But just tracking the sheer volume of information that flows into an enterprise often is daunting - no
OPERA Reporting and Analytics

Oracle Hospitality

These days, every hotelier knows there are invaluable business insights to be discovered in data. But just tracking the sheer volume of information that flows into an enterprise often is daunting - not to mention the monumental difficulty of processing and analyzing the data to deliver the right actionable insights to the right staff at the right time.

Consider what was deemed impossible, however, no more.

A new offering from Oracle Hospitality – OPERA Reporting and Analytics (OPERA R&A) Cloud Service – represents a next-generation reporting solution that enables every team member to execute decision based on facts, not hunches. With OPERA Reporting and Analytics, key personnel – ranging from operations managers at properties to revenue management directors at corporate – can swiftly obtain, analyze and act upon information specific to their unique responsibilities.

What makes OPERA R&A an unrivaled analytical tool? It is powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition or OBI. In plain language, OBI is an industrial-strength analytics engine known for its capability to develop, design and deploy reports. In fact, it’s identical to the Oracle engine powering business intelligence for many of the top companies found on The Fortune 100 list.

OPERA Reporting and Analytics addresses a broad range of business topics. Among them: property information, profiles, reservations, blocks, rates and revenue types, financial, and sales and catering. Such topics are structured in a fashion that enables easy access to key business metrics – and OPERA Reporting and Analytics provides an array of powerful visualization tools to make sense of them all. It also makes “slicing and dicing” of data easy, enabling staff to efficiently glean insights to achieve what matters most – delivering exceptional guest experiences.

But what makes OPERA Reporting and Analytics a comprehensive tool is its ability to empower everyone within the hotel organization. OPERA R&A comes with three standard dashboards that can be used out-of-the-box at a property or corporate level. OPERA R&A also comes with six sample reports that span all areas of the OPERA PMS. These reports can be used as templates that can be customized or published to end users as they are.

To illustrate its versatility, here are examples of the roles OPERA R&A can assist:

Corporate/Area Revenue Managers: Responsible for reviewing a group of properties at the same time, these managers need not only to compare performance across multiple properties, but evaluate year-over-year performance within those properties simultaneously. By using a Line Bar combination to report on measures such as ADR, Total Revenue or RevPAR for a given time period, they can quickly identify top performers – as well as those needing attention.

Property General Managers: The solution can be used to generate high-level views of performance at the property level or dive deeper into key performance metrics, such as room revenue or occupancy rate. General managers, for example, can generate summaries of daily business operations – personalized for each manager.

They also can view activity summaries by key measures such as room revenue, F&B revenue, and occupancy for the past 24 hours, comparing it with Same Time Last Year (STLY), Month to Date (MTD) and Year to Date (YTD). With such reports, general managers can assess performance across different operations within the property and improve day-to-day decision-making.

Operations Managers or Front Desk Managers: Chief among their concerns are monitoring the number of arrivals and departures each day and ensuring sufficient room availability. They’re also watching for different VIP guests and managing maintenance issues that could cause for Out of Service (OOS) or Out of Order (OOO) rooms.

With OPERA Reporting and Analytics’ near real-time capabilities, they can access reports showing essential data: checked-in rooms; number of departures and arrivals remaining; and number of available rooms, including clean/dirty status. The result? Quick identification of a potential variance in the demand for clean rooms – and even faster resolution with housekeeping.

To learn more about how OPERA Reporting and Analytics can help hotel staff make informed decisions and enhance operations, contact Oracle Hospitality.

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