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EZee Welcome Palace of the Golden Horses in Their Bandwagon, an Elite Property in Malaysia

Adding one more feather to their cap with this enrollment, eZee have proved themselves as one of their kind in the hotel industry through cutting-edge technology and services.
Palace of the Golden Horses hotel - Exterior and logos
EZee Welcome Palace of the Golden Horses in Their Bandwagon, an Elite Property in Malaysia

eZee Technosys

Owing to the dynamic nature of their product line, eZee are expanding the length of their bandwagon by tens and folds. Recently, they have extended their hand to foster Palace of the Golden Horses, a sovereign 5-star hotel in Malaysia with their winsome hotel booking engine eZee Reservation.

The hotel is known to have hosted world known festivities like HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Head of States and several celebrities back in time. Nevertheless, the hotel aimed to walk in line with the advancing technologies in order to sustain their position in the industry.

On seeing a vast difference in their services and productivity after getting enrolled with eZee Reservation, the hotel’s reservation manager says, *“We have taken the right decision by going with eZee Reservation. It is easy to use and has an exceptional set of features. It has made our work efficient and our staff, advanced. Moreover, It has also made our routine booking process less chaotic. And of course, the 24X7X365 support system ensures the integrity of the software.

eZee’s hotel booking engine has been benefiting Palace of Golden Horses in the following ways:

- Letting guests book directly from any device because of a responsive user interface.

- Converting more of visitors to long-term direct bookers through attractive plug and play widgets on their hotel website.

- Running and selling versatile packages and promotions to those who book directly.

These along with several vigorous perks of eZee Reservation have been gaining the hotel with unlimited commission-free bookings on their website, hiking their revenue and helping them be abreast with the digital trends. In addition, the Palace of Golden Horses have been able to focus on guest engagement, thereby bringing them back in the game of millennial travel trends.

We work with a single minded aim to empower hotels with our proficient technology. Assisting Palace of Golden Horses has helped us broaden our horizons by letting us test our thresholds for a hotel with such extensive operations. Having a kickshaw that encompases various size and types of hotels, we always work to be upfront with our latest technology and solutions. This is how we plan on leading the industry to the right advancement”, says Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee Technosys.

The regional team of eZee in Malaysia have played a major role in this enrollment, through significant efforts and rendering assistance to the Palace of the Golden Horses. Right from answering all their doubts and queries to helping them with the software setup, they have been on their toes to lend them a hand. The team has even taken up the responsibility to provide them full-fledged product training training and get them properly antiquated with the software.

The Palace of the Golden Horses, along with 1000s of hoteliers worldwide have taken a revolutionary step towards digitization through eZee’s latest-edge technology. The company’s 24x7 live support, and valuable services of unlimited product training and easy onboarding have also posed as a major factor in the hotel’s decision to go with eZee.

Altering the horizon of the hotel industry by changing their perspectives towards the practice of hotel-keeping has been the prime motto of eZee Technosys. Since their inception, they have been actively involved in transforming the traditional ways of carrying out day-to-day hotel operations along with revenue generation through progressive technology.

eZee’s solutions have been comprehensive, including everything of hotel management in a single package. Which is why they have become a trustworthy choice among the property owners in hospitality industry.

About Palace of Golden Horses

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Palace of the Golden Horses is a 5-star hotel and a widely recognised property in the nation. It has interesting rooms types backed up by a good hotel services that charms the guest. It is mostly known for hosting world known festivities.

About eZee Technosys

Founded in 2005, eZee Technosys offer IT solutions for the hospitality industry. Their services include booking management, hotel management, room distribution, restaurant management, guest feedback, hotel mobile app and online review management. eZee develops on premise, on cloud solutions and also mobile application solutions. Today eZee Technosys serves more than 10,000 clients, in more than 160 countries worldwide.

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