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How to Plan Sightseeing in Your Dream Destination?

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How to Plan Sightseeing in Your Dream Destination?


The typical preparation for the holidays looks like: lots of tasks at work to meet the final deadlines, one afternoon in the shopping center to buy needed equipment and clothes and leaving the house early in the morning to be able to catch the plane. Sounds familiar? It is a pre-holiday checklist of majority of holidaymakers. Nowadays, thanks to advance solutions provided by Our.Guide startup technology, everyone is able to plan their stay in the given area without missing any attractions and interesting events.

How the travelers plan sightseeing?

A)   They look for information online about the given city

B)   They check every tourist attraction on their own

C)   They look for inspirations online about the way of spending time in the given area.

All of those activities take a lot of time and efforts. Furthermore, they require constant Internet access that is limited on the board of the plan while traveling by plane.

How to change it?

At present, it is worth to make a use of sophisticated solutions offered by hotel website widget. How does it work? It is childish easy.

The holidaymakers enter the hotel website where the widget is installed and they immediately see the possibilities offered by the hotel neighborhood in the section 'what is nearby'. They may choose the preferred categories from numerous available, including: sport, museums, pubs and restaurants and few more. Every spot is detailed described with photos and videos. There is information about opening hours, addresses and ticket prices. The widget provides SaaS services – it means that the hotel employees do not have to do anything to have always current information about the given tourist attraction or events.

It is very convenient for both sides – the hotel concierge as well as holidaymakers. What is more, they may also create itinerary for their stay and be sure that the travelers will see every tourist attraction they want to with the little help of hotel concierge who will book the tickets and deliver them directly to their hands. The itinerary may be inspiration for holidaymakers' friends when they share it online at Facebook because Our.Guide gives them that possibility!

An example

Nowadays, the Our.Guide widget is used by more than 500 hotels (source:Our.Guide) and this number is still increasing. One of an excellent example of the hotel website where the widget works really well is the Rilano Hotel Hamburg. Hamburg is a city that offers numerous tourist attractions and the widget is full of useful ideas about spending the time in the hotel. There are available single attractions as well as two or three-day trips. In this way, the hotel is able to meet the sightseeing expectations of every tourists.

About Our.Guide: is established in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The main purpose of the company is to provide high quality SaaS software – Our.Guide provides detailed information about the local tourist attractions and events. The company understands the client’s fears that is why, you may test it without any consequences or charges for 14 days.


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