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EZee Integrate Their Booking Engine With the Smart Solutions of Triptease

It’s time that the hotel industry welcomes the abundance of direct bookings and growing revenue through this integration.
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EZee Integrate Their Booking Engine With the Smart Solutions of Triptease

eZee Technosys

eZee Technosys, end-to-end hospitality technology providers have recently integrated their advanced booking engine eZee Reservation with Triptease’s Direct Booking Platform. Currently, hoteliers are in hunt of fetching the maximised number of direct bookings to bring a better stability to their hotel business. For that, in addition to a foolproof hotel website, hoteliers also need an intuitive booking engine like eZee Reservation that efficiently brings home those direct bookings. For the same purpose, this integration promises to exceed all the expectations of the hotel industry.

Triptease empowers hotels to recapture guest relationships, increase direct bookings and learn from every interaction to improve their overall web experience. With Triptease, hoteliers can use industry-leading data to free themselves from a reliance on OTAs.

To this Olivia Bickford-Smith, Partnership Manager of Triptease has her own words to share, “ We are delighted that eZee Reservation customers now have the chance to increase their direct bookings and cut down their OTA commissions. Thanks to Triptease's simple integration with the eZee booking engine hoteliers can manage price parity, target visitors with personalised messages and answer their questions instantly. We cannot wait to help eZee clients further optimise their booking engine conversion rate!”

eZee’s booking engine has always been intuitive enough to drag the lookers till the booking page and confirm their bookings in the first shot. But to eZee’s hunger of delivering the exceptional services to the hotel industry, this was not enough. Hence, since inception, they have always been seeking ways to make their solutions better than the best. To which, integration of eZee Reservation with Triptease looked like the next best step.

On this, Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee Technosys has his own thoughts to express, “At every phase of the ongoing advancement that the hotel industry has been facing, we have always been agile to get involved in such integrations and enhancements. At eZee, we’re always filled with the enthusiasm of serving the industry with sheer perfection. Along with the smart tools of Triptease combined with our dynamic booking engine, we are eager to assist hoteliers in gaining maximum direct bookings.”

With a major number of their force working in research and development, eZee are always able to stay inclined to the needs of the hospitality industry. Along with that, their vast support team holds the correct depth of expertise and an amiable approach to be at the beck and call of their users. With such progressive efforts, they build a system that works precisely in order to provide the best solutions to the hospitality industry.

About Triptease

Triptease first launched its industry-leading Price Check-in 2015. Since then, the company has developed a powerful platform for direct booking tools design to bring bookings back where they belong. With offices in London, New York and Singapore, Triptease works with hotels across the globe in their mission to bring bookings back to direct.

About eZee Technosys

Founded in 2005, eZee Technosys believe in the constant update of their software so that their clients can match up the pace of the technological advancement in the industry. At present, they stand 2nd in the industry with the lineage of 10+ vigorous software products that includes on-premise and cloud-based hotel and restaurant management system, hotel booking engine, channel manager, hotel reputation management system, hotel and restaurant management apps and guest feedback system. For more details, visit our corporate website today.

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