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More Than 500 Hotel Websites Have Local Guidebook

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Trip Planner For Hotel Websites


Our.Guide offers unique software for every hotel website. It is a unique solution that has numerous advantages for every type of accommodation providers. It is considered to be number one of local widgets in the industry that helps to attract the new hotel guests and provides lots of information.

What makes it special?

The Our.Guide is not only a simple widget like the weather widgets. It is a reliable source of knowledge on the given area around the hotel. When your hotel has the widget, the hotel guests can browse all available tourist attractions and then select the ones which are most suitable for them! They will get all the necessary information from the widget, such as opening hours, ticket prices and the address. It may be also one of the reasons they will decide to stay in your hotel instead of other hotels! On the other hand, it is also a useful tool for the hotel managers/owners because:

- It boosts the organic search engine – the software is based on SEO long tail – it means that your website will be noticed as first results in the Google search engine which can bring you more customers when the hotel guest type long tail, such as hotel+ near (tourist attraction or event). In this way, you receive additional hotel SEO services that may improve the results in search engines.

- The hotel managers may analyze the results provided by the Our.Guide widget - the professional software provides lots of data about the most popular subpages, tourist attractions, itinerary and a lot more. Everything is presented in a transparent dashboard and send weekly for the e-mail address.

- It may be installed fast – the Our.Guide widget may be installed at every kind of website. It works at every CMS system and also in Google Tag Manager.

Who are the inventors of Our.Guide?

Our.Guide was established in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, Europe from the passion of traveling and discovering new places. Nowadays, the Our.Guide widget can be found at more than 500 hotel websites, such as the Rilano Hotel Hamburg ( ), Hotel Marco Polo ( ), MCC Mazurkas ( ) and a lot more.

The majority of the hotels that use the widget are from Poland, but the company enters the international markets as well. The Our.Guide widget may be seen in hotels placed in Germany, Austria and Italy and the number of interesting hotel owners is growing rapidly.

The growth statistics may be also noticed in the clients’ comments section that is full of positive feedback. One of the example:

“We appreciate the very professional and supportive service.

Our hotel guests are using the smart and informative tool every day.

It is a real additional benefit.

We are very satisfied.

It is a fantastic travel guide, which

brings a lot of fun too.”


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