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Four Most Important Seo Changes That Need to Be Implemented at Your Hotel Website This Year!

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The Internet is a basic source of information for many people from various industries, including tourism. As an outcome, the hotel website is a first thing that may encourage the potential guest to book a room in your hotel or to leave your website quickly. That is why, the search engine hotel marketing is a keyword in this industry and it will be explained in this article.

What is SEO?

SEO is a short of Search Engine Optimization and it is related to Google's results and the place they appear. If you have a hotel website and you want to be visible in Google search engine, you need to take certain actions that will help you to rank better. You may be not familiar with the hotel SEO but it is very useful. In accordance to the latest research, 33% of the Internet visitors click only on the first result while only 18% of them enter the second result. Moreover, 92% of people visit only websites that are displayed on the first page of the results and 5% of them browse the second page of results (source: Search Engine Watch). So, if you want to gain new clients and make your website popular, learn more about four crucial SEO changes!

A lot of experts underline that it is possible to improve your SEO hotel results and get more organic traffic to your website! They are following:

1. Change your website content – at the beginning, it is worth to think about catchy titles that will encourage your visitors to read the given article to the end, see your detailed offer and what is the most important – to book a room. The visitors of the website are bored with similar content. They desire to discover something new, something what will be a prediction of a great holiday. The hotel website should also be full of interesting photos related to the hotel rooms, hotel facilities and the nearest neighbourhood.

2. Make a use keywords related to your website and hotel industry – the search engine hotel marketing is very demanding. It means that uploading interesting content at your website is not enough. It is better to discuss the content with the SEO specialists who will suggest to add the most important hotel website keywords that will help you to get more organic traffic at your hotel site and become more popular online, too. One of the websites that presents the most frequently searched keywords for hotel industry (, recommends using the following words: hotels near me, motel, cheap hotels, booking hotel, hotell, luxury hotel and a few more.

3. Make a use of SEO long tail – if you want to have a lot of visitors at your website and you do not want to spend fortune on professional SEO services, it is suggested to think about long tail SEO. It is a method that is less expensive than traditional search engine optimization and it still generates satisfied results. In accordance to Hit Tail experts, “Long tail SEO is a technique of targeting highly specific niche search terms (long tail keywords) that usually consist of 3+ words and are much easier to rank for due low competition.” When it comes to hotel industry, you may attract the hotel guests when they type hotel near + tourist attraction located near your hotel. The traffic organic is considered to be the most valuable as well as the cheapest one.

4. Be innovative – use unique solutions at your website. As you know, the hotel website visitors do not like monotonous content. As an outcome, it is worth to think about modern widget that will make your website attractive. One of the most popular hotel website widgets is Our.Guide. The widget is very easy to use and its main aim is to showing the most popular tourist attractions situated near your hotel. It is a SaaS software, so the hotel employees do not have to do any updates. The software allows to create detailed itinerary, share them online to highlight your presence in the given area. What is more, the widget may be used as the basis for SEO long-tail.


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