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How a Simple Software Can Encourage the Visitors to Enter Your Website?!

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How a Simple Software Can Encourage the Visitors to Enter Your Website?!


It has been noticed that traditional search engine optimization (SEO) is not as effective as it used to be in the past. At present, Google has modified the way the websites appear in the searching results. In this way, the popular phrases such as “hotel Barcelona” typed by potential visitors of your hotel will not bring you new visitors. The customers will see AdWords, then Google hotels supported by OTA websites and your standard website will appear at the bottom of the list making you almost no profit.

Solution for Google limitation

It is much better to apply cheap solutions at the beginning instead of spending fortune on unprofitable SEO methods. One of them is using a long tail. It is a way of describing the destination in the search engine in a certain way, for example it is worth to replace “hotel in Barcelona” into “hotel near Sagrada Familia cathedral”.

How to encourage your potential visitors to do it?

In fact, you do not have to anything special- you need only install Our.Guide widget at your website which will do the SEO process on its own.

When you install the Our.Guide widget, Google will recognize the content that concerns the tourist attractions located near your hotel. Your website will be equipped in detailed and easy to use guidebook that will be also a source for SEO. As an outcome, it will appear in the search results at the top places because the widget generates the phrase “hotel near + tourist attraction”.

Our.Guide is also SaaS software – it means that it works independently and the hotel employees do not have to edit any information on the widget. It always provides updated data.

The experts claim that the first effects are recognized within one month. However, it is worth to analyse the traffic after three or four months to see the final results. It is suggested to use special tools such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics to verify the most popular keywords. What is more, due to this solution, you may encourage a lot of guests to visit your website and place the direct booking that is much more profitable than booking made via OTA websites, such as where you have to pay commission for every booking.

Learn about our customers’ opinion:

“We appreciate the very professional and supportive service.
Our hotel guests are using the smart and informative tool every day.
It is a real additional benefit.
We are very satisfied.
It is a fantastic travel guide, which
brings a lot of fun too.”

About is established in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The main purpose of the company is to provide high quality SaaS software – Our.Guide provides detailed information about the local tourist attractions and events. The company understands the client’s fears that is why, you may test it without any consequences or charges for 14 days.

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