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How a Trip Planner May Encourage the Visitors to Enter Your Website?

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How a Trip Planner May Encourage the Visitors to Enter Your Website?


The trip planners are very common these days because they help us to plan our holiday day by day. This article will prove that they may be also helpful for hotel owners who would like to get more organic traffic at their websites.

The typical tourist

The average tourists travel once or twice a year. They usually do not have much time to plan their holidays in details so they look for facilitations, such as trip planner that will help them to select the most suitable places to visit or events to join. In fact, a great number of holidaymakers select the particular tourist attraction, for example the Big Ben, then they select the number of days they want to stay in the destination and finally they book the room and the flight.

From the SEO point of view

If a hotel owner wants to encourage the Google browser's visitor, there must be some SEO services implemented. It is worth to underline that there are some keywords that are less competitive and cheaper and still they may get lots of organic traffic. Some of those are: 

- london attractions – the keyword is typed by 49 thousand Google visitors a month.
- things to do in london - it is typed by 201 thousand Internet users monthly.
- what to do in london – it is looked for by about 49 thousand people every month.

What is more, those keywords are more and more popular these days. It was observed that the number of people who type them increases of 2% every month. It is some great news for people who plan to use it to Search Engine Optimization.

How to make a use of this knowledge?

The simplest method is creating a trip planner at your website that will consists of map and information about places worth seeing in your neighbourhood and events that take place in the nearest area. In this way, you may use the keywords and save money on professional SEO services.

What can you do when you do not know hot to do it or you are simply busy?

When you need to professional trip planner to be installed at your website, you should see the offer of Our.Guide. It is an advance guidebook that is also a widget at your website. It is full of information about interesting spots located in the hotel area. In this way, the hotel guests may gain the relevant knowledge and the hotel website may generate more organic traffic. It is a SaaS software so it does not have to be updated by the hotel staff, everything is done independently within one day and it is provided in reasonable price, from €9. 

Learn about Our.Guide customers’ opinion:

“We appreciate the very professional and supportive service.

Our hotel guests are using the smart and informative tool every day.

It is a real additional benefit.

We are very satisfied.

It is a fantastic travel guide, which

brings a lot of fun too.”

About is established in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The main purpose of the company is to provide high quality SaaS software – Our.Guide provides detailed information about the local tourist attractions and events. The company understands the client’s fears that is why, you may test it without any consequences or charges for 14 days.

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