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Six out of 10 business trips are now 'bleisure' trips with vacation days added on. With all those extra vacation days tacked on here and there, are clients starting to cut back on bookings for longer, traditional getaways – the kind that keep leisure-focused travel agencies in business? Thankfully, no. At least not so far. In our travel-obsessed times, it seems, the more travel days, the better.

Bleisure – it's an unwieldy name for a simple concept, combining leisure travel time with business travel – has been a growing trend for a few years and now studies are rolling in showing just how popular it is.

Not only do 60% of corporate travel bookings now include a leisure component, the growth is double-digit year over year, according to Expedia metrics. The study surveyed travellers in the U.S., UK, Germany, India and China.

Even if we try not to, many of us check work emails on our phones while we're on vacation. We work when we're on vacation – so maybe it's not so surprising that we also want to vacation when we work.

"Let's be honest, with our always on mobile lifestyles, it is no longer about 'work-life balance,' it's about work-life integration," says Wendy White, Vice President of Marketing, Egencia, Expedia's business travel division.

"The growth in bleisure is just another extension of that trend."

Nearly 68% of business travellers add on bleisure travel one to three times a year, according the survey. The data shows location (25%) and a business trip falling close to a weekend (22%) as the top indicators prompting clients to add a bleisure component. has looked into the bleisure trend too, drilling down to Canadian traveller stats. The company's Canadian data shows that while bleisure travel is up, Canadian travellers are still opting for longer, more relaxed trips, says Nuno Guerreiro, Regional Manager, Canada for 

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