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An Innovation in Hotel Koning Von Ungarn

Screenshot Hotel Koning Von Ungarn website
Hotel Koning Von Ungarn


Hotel Koning von Ungarn, a hotel located in the capital of Austria – Vienna has implemented an innovation at the website. At present, all of the visitors have an opportunity to plan their stay in Vienna in details, due to implementation of special widget – Our.Guide.

The Our.Guide widget provides a detailed knowledge on the local tourist attractions as well as events that should be considered by the hotel guests. The hotel visitors may browse the information on the tourist attractions that are located about 50 kilometres from the hotel. Moreover, the holidaymakers may select the right distance in accordance to their transport possibilities. The attractions are divided into sections that make searching the right spot easier. Some of the categories are:

  • Entertainment
  • For kids
  • Sports
  • Landscape and a few more.

It is worth to underline that the Our.Guide widget has also a feature of a trip planner. As an outcome, the hotel guests may plan their stay carefully before they arrive in the hotel. Furthermore, they may save their time and start visiting Vienna from the local tourist attractions that are situated very close to the Koning von Ungarn hotel, for example they may visit the Madame Tussauds museum that is located only 2,7 kilometres from the hotel. What is more, there is provided the detailed map that shows how to reach the museum and how much time they need to to get there. There is also supplied the necessary information, such as: address, opening hours, ticket prices, some photos and videos. 

Another innovation is statistics. If the hotel guests do not know what to visit in Vienna, they may get some inspirations from other holidaymakers who have visited the places before. There is statistics provided with every tourist attraction's description – it is taken from Facebook. The hotel guests may learn about the number of people who visited the place, liked it and find out who still talks about it. As an outcome, you may learn that the most popular spots in Vienna are: Belvedere, Donnerbrunnen, Ephesus Museum as well as MUSA Museum Start Gallery Artothek.

Our.Guide software is also an excellent solution for hotel owners who want to control their websites. There is provided hotel reports and analytics section where the hotel owners may learn more about popular devices used by the hotel guests (at present the most popular devices are iphones and ipads – they are used by more than 40% of hotel guests). What is more, the Our.Guide widget is a SaaS software – it is totally independent and it updates on its own.
About is established in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The main purpose of the company is to provide high quality SaaS software – Our.Guide provides detailed information about the local tourist attractions and events. The company understands the client’s fears that is why, you may test it without any consequences or charges for 14 days. 


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