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An Additional Source of Making Money by Well-Known Hotel Chains

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Trip Planner For Hotel Websites


At present, hotels do not make profits only from renting rooms to their customers. They provide various services to make their hotel guests stay as comfortable as it is possible and make money at the same time.

Luckily, these days the hotels have another possibility to improve their services. They may up-selling tickets to popular neighbourhood museums or events and gets the benefit.

Some excellent examples

There are two hotel websites that prove hi-tech solutions are worth seeing closer and applying at every hotel website. Both owners of those hotel websites started collaboration with professional Tour and Activities services providers. It is worth to learn more about their offer and how to use it at every hotel website.

The first hotel website where the innovative solution has been used is Leonardo Hotels ( This popular hotel chain consists of more than 120 hotels located in 50 destinations. The hotel management started cooperation with GetYourGuide – one of the biggest online booking website in 2017. The platform provides the necessary information on interesting tours and tourist attractions at the hotel guests' fingertips. Moreover, the holidaymakers may also book the entrance tickets to museums or various events. In this way, the hotel provides advanced services that are appreciated by busy tourists who sometimes do not have enough time to think about.

The second hotel website belongs to Accor Hotels ( The well-known hotel chain has a rich offer of luxurious accommodation in popular destination worldwide. Accor Hotels have also started cooperation with GetYourGuide and it supports the guide section at their websites. The tourists may choose their perfect way of spending free time in given destination, find out more about the place, create the itinerary, book the rooms and tickets for interesting events as well as entrance tickets to museums.

Both hotel websites are popular among holidaymakers who expect something more than a bed in their hotel room. When they use online guidebook and create the plan of their stay, they are sure that they will not waste their time in given destination and the entrance tickets will wait for the them at the reception desk. The ticket up-selling is also an additional way of making profits for the hotel. They may earn up to 5% per transaction. What is more, it is worth to underline that both hotels encourage the website visitors to place the order directly at the website, instead of choosing OTA services. In this way, the hotel owners do not have to pay commission to the OTA services operators, such as

A similar solution for your hotel

If you also want to improve the hotel guests' experience, you should make a use of professional solutions, such as Our.Guide hotel website widget. The widget is available for free and it provides the list of the tourist attractions located in hotel's nearby. Each of the sight is described detailed and includes relevant information on the given tourist attraction, such as opening hours, ticket prices, detailed address, pictures and a map. What is more, the holidaymakers who are interested in the particular spot may buy the tickets for museums and different local attractions, including tickets for theatre performances, concerts and various festivals. As an outcome, the hotel guests make sure that the tickets will be delivered to the hotel directly and the hotel makes 5% profit per each transaction. It may seem to be a little but if 100 hotel guests purchase tickets, the margin can be significant. 

The main benefits

First of all, it is worth to highlight that Our.Guide hotel website widget is absolutely for free and every hotel owner may install it at his/her hotel website.

Secondly, Our.Guide company provides the full support when it comes to getting to know the software and finding out about its greatest advantages. The online support will also solve every problems and explain how to improve the cooperation between the hotel concierge and the Our.Guide users.

Thirdly, it is worth to emphasize that Our.Guide widget is integrated with several well-known partners, such as GetYourGuide, Tiqets and Viator. As an outcome, the widget is able to offer the best solutions for the hotel guests to meet their needs.

These days, the expression 'staying in a hotel' has changed its meaning completely. The hotel guests become more and more demanding and they desire to have services at their fingertips. It is nothing unusual about it because those people want to take care about their free time and they want to spend every minute in an active way discovering undiscovered spots in a given place. As an outcome, the hotel managers have to do everything in their power to make it true and using Our.Guide widget may be useful for hotel guests as well as the hotel concierge.

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