MOON Resort - Appointment of World Renowned Architectural Group

Michael R. Henderson, Creator MOON, today announced the appointment of the Richard Rogers Partnership as lead Architects.

MOON Resort "We are absolutely delighted to have secured the services of Lord Rogers. MOON is a highly complex concept - it will take the genius of Lord Rogers and his team to bring this astonishing concept to life. The appointment of Richard Rogers Partnership almost completes MOON's Professional Team and it does not get any better than this," said Henderson.

"MOON will be an entirely new destination - a bold enterprise that taps into our collective aspiration for new and exciting experiences. Richard Rogers Partnership is delighted to head up the architectural design team for this imaginative and challenging project," said Lord Rogers, Chairman, Richard Rogers Partnership.


The MOON Team has appointed SEATEC Engineering consultants of Bangkok, Thailand. SEATEC is an internationally recognized industry leader, which brings together tremendous expertise in the multi faceted disciplines of engineering.

"Within the Far East region SEATEC will be of great benefit with their in depth knowledge of Engineering and regional Legislation - We are very proud and fortunate to have SEATEC as part of our professional team," said Henderson

"MOON reflects mankind's continuous endeavor to realize imaginations. To be involved in MOON's creation is to be a part of one of the greatest contemporary technical feats of our time," said Dr. Subin Pinkayan, Chairman, SEATEC Group of Companies.

In other news

Hawaii Pacific University (HPU), USA has established a working arrangement with the MOON team. HPU will provide tourism training and educational support for the thousands of staff MOON will require. HPU has an excellent reputation as an international premier tourism training college with many worldwide highly prestigious affiliations.

Design Update

The concept design team has detailed the exterior cladding for MOON to be finished in Stainless Steel. The surface will be very similar to the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition the overall height of the main superstructure has been increased to 510 meters with the twin pinnacles measuring 40 meters.

Location Update

MOON's much anticipated final location selection, has been narrowed down from twelve to three. These are Singapore, Thailand and The Bahamas. The group has entered into sensitive and confidential discussions therefore no further comment on the final location will be possible for the next brief period. The target date for the final location or locations, will be July 2004, following which the group will commence detailed and exhaustive feasibility studies scheduled to take twelve months. Within this period the overall financing for the project will be secured through global investment banks and industry partners many of whom have already shown considerable interest.

The group is pleased with the recent announcement from NASA detailing its plans to return to the Moon and develop a permanent lunar presence. Together with China's present commitment to land on the Moon the consistent global publicity will be of tremendous benefit to the project.

MOON was privileged to have recently been featured in the very prestigious German magazine GEO Special and Architectural Plus a high quality publication based in Dubai, UAE.

The following new team members and suppliers have been appointed.

Lead Architectural-Richard Rogers Partnership - London, UK
Consulting Engineers-SEATEC - Bangkok, Thailand
Electrical Contractors - Weir & Mcquiston Ltd. - Belfast, Northern
Gaming Chip Suppliers - Dolphin Products Pty Ltd.- Heidelberg,
Security Recording Systems - Dallmeier Electronic - Regensburg,
Money Processing Systems - Perconta Inc - Berlin, German
Playing Card Design & Suppliers - The US Playing Card Company -
Ohio, USA

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