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Cease-Fire in City of Miamiís Airbnb Battle Appears Likely After Appeals Court Reversal - Miami Herald

Miami skyline - Photo by Ryan Parker on Unsplash
Cease-Fire in City of Miamis Airbnb Battle Appears Likely After Appeals Court Reversal

Excerpt from Miami Herald

An appeals court has sided with the City of Miami over Airbnb, giving the city the go-ahead to punish hundreds of Airbnb hosts accused of illegally renting their homes on the site.

But both sides see Wednesday's decision as more of a cease-fire in the battle over short-term rentals in Miami. With a new mayor in charge since the last spat and direction from the appeals court about which hosts may qualify as legal, the city is likely to hold off on handing out fines just yet.

"This is a victory for City of Miami residents," said Mayor Francis Suarez. "It also opens the door for us to join the conversation on how to best regulate home sharing to benefit Miamians. We look forward to bringing everyone to the table to ensure that Miami can continue to evolve as a modern city."

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