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Widget That Helps Airbnb Hostels and Hotel Owners Making Revenue by Sharing Local Activities

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Widget That Helps Airbnb Hostels and Hotel Owners Making Revenue by Sharing Local Activities


In today's world everyone is aware that the Internet is a powerful source of information. It is worth to make a use of it and make profits at the same time. It has been also recognized by hotel industry where well-known hotel chains as well as local hostels present their offers online.

It is worth to underline that important OTA service operators, such as and TripAdvisor are still developing their services and finding the ways to encourage the potential guests to become their guests. They cooperate with well-known companies that provide different ways of spending free time in the given area. Nevertheless, not every traveller want to stay in the huge hotels.

However, when you enter the phrase: “Barcelona hotel”, you will find a few hundreds hotels in the city and numerous websites that display their offers. It may be monotonous for some seekers and if you want to encourage the hotel foragers to make direct booking at your website, you really need to try really hard to beat local competition as well as online one, too.

A unique solution for small hotel owners

Being a manger or an owner of small hotel or suites does not mean that your possibilities are limited. It may be quite the opposite. There is a huge group of people who looks for small and cosy places to overnight to feel like locals and this cannot be offered by huge hotel chains. It is a good idea to make a use the knowledge and provide high quality services, hotel-like in less crowded and home-like places.

Beside offering sophisticated interiors, you should also think about their pastime activities. You should bear in mind that the majority of travellers are busy people who do not have much time to organize their stay, they mainly think about renting some places to overnight and buy the flight tickets to get to their dream destination. It may be your significant advantage, if you will be able to give them some interesting hints when it comes to discovering the most fascinating sights in your area.

To do it properly, you may use Our.Guide software. It is an innovative solution that was designed to provide the necessary information on neighbourhood tourist attractions and events. The software is installed at the website where it appears as widget. The travellers may get to find the basic knowledge on the popular sights, such as opening hours, ticket prices, distance from the hotel/suite. The places may be found in accordance to different categories, including entertainment, art, for kids. There are also provided the maps to the spot, pictures and videos taken by other visitors as well as their opinions. If the holidaymakers are interested in particular place, they may purchase the tickets through the widget. It is very simple and the hotel managers do not need to do anything about it – it is the SAAS software – it means that every update when it comes to local attractions are done automatically.

An important advantage

It is worth to mention one more significant advantage about Our.Guide software. The hotel/suite owners may make revenue if the guests buy the tickets using Our.Guide software. The hotel is able to make 5% profit per each transaction done by the hotel guests. It may be an additional income for the hotel worth considering because the hotel managers do not have to persuade the hotel guests to buy anything because they will probably visit those places anyway. What is more, they will be also delighted having all the necessary information at one place, at the hotel website.

What if I don't have a website?

A lot of people who rent the rooms or suites do not have a website. However, it is not a problem when it comes to gaining profits from Our.Guide services. The customer who confirms reservation via e-mail address may receive a link to mobile version of the software where the tourist attractions as well as interesting events are presented in the same way as in the hotel website widget. The guests may also purchase tickets using the mobile version of the software and the property owners still receives benefits from each transaction.

Travelling is a huge passion for a lot of people from different corners of the globe. It is your tasks to provide as pleasant stay as it is possible. Due to sophisticated solutions, such as Our.Guide the stay of your guests will be an unforgettable experience.

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