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Encourage Your Website Visitors to Make More Direct Bookings!


The travel industry is very demanding and there are a lot of competitors who do everything in their power to attract as many holidaymakers as it is possible. There are famous hotel chains that do not have to do much to become recognised on the tourism market. On the other hand, there are popular OTA services that implement different improvements for their customers if only they made a decision to stay in one of their properties. In the end, there are also villas and resorts that also provide some accommodation for less demanding travellers. Is there a possibility for those places to attract as many tourists as popular hotel chains and OTA services? Yes, there is and it is called Our.Guide

Our.Guide is a hotel website widget that is placed at your website. It is a SaaS software so it does not require any improvement done by villa/resort owners. It has been used in more than 500 hotel around the world.

The OTA services way of increasing number of satisfied customers

At present, OTA services, such as TripAdvisor and also want to encourage their website visitors to make the direct bookings. They promote the local attractions at each hotel website to underline their customers that their spot is perfect accommodation when they want to visit “X” tourist attraction.

TripAdvisor provides a map where the hotel as well as other interesting tourist attractions are marked. There are also provided full address, phone number, email address, distance from the airport and a list of nearby restaurants and local attractions.

On the other hand, also gives some basic information about most popular landmarks, closest landmarks from the hotel as well as the distance from the airport.

However, OTA services do not promote the most popular activities for free. They sell the entrances tickets or other services, for example swimming with the dolphins and they make additional profits. How? They just make 5% profit per each transaction done by the hotel guest.

What is more, OTA services have advance SEO content done due to having numerous properties, hiring professionals as well as selling tickets online.

A useful possibility for resorts and villas

These days, the Our.Guide widget is also available for people who offer less expensive places to overnight – villas and resorts.

Every property that offers accommodation for hotel guests has a website where the basic information concern the size of the room and other facilities is provided. However, the majority of owners do not say much about neighbourhood and places that should be visit during the stay of the guests. Moreover, they sometimes do not know much about those places and they are not familiar with the latest changes.

However, when the owners of those place have the Our.Guide widget they may encourage the potential guests to book a room in their resort or villa because they will be sure that the distance to their favourite spots is not so long and they will have also a possibility to get to know other interesting place in the given area without making any preparations.

The widget is very easy to use. It is just a catalogue with plenty tourist attractions available in few categories that are: art, pubs, sport, landscapes, for kids and a few more. Our.Guide widget is available for free and it works as SaaS software – it means it is updated automatically by Google as well as experienced Our.Guide employees. What is more, it does not require any work done by villa/resort employees.

It is also worth to mention the benefits of having this widget at your website. Firstly, it improve the SEO at your website and secondly, you earn every time your guests book a ticket to the museum or book a trip. Those two benefits should convince everyone to consider having Our.Guide widget.

New accommodation providers that have just started cooperation with Our.Guide

Our.Guide made a significant development in 2018. Nowadays, the professional guidebook as a widget is available in two properties in Indonesia, Bali. The first of them is that offers luxurious suites. The second is called Tajjung Benoa and it is an example of a resort and how Our.Guide may be helpful in providing some relevant information on local tourist attractions. You can see how it works at: The last one is a great example of villa that may be seen at In this way, you may be sure that every type of property is perfect for Our.Guide.

If you want to be unique among your competitors, you need to do some steps to underline your uniqueness on the market. Sometimes you do not have to do much – it is enough to install Our.Guide widget and improve your guests experience.

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