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5 Minute Guide To Making A Killer Promo Video

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5 Minute Guide To Making A Killer Promo Video


Creating videos (or a series of them) to tell your story are a no-brainer; particularly catchy, promo videos. But how exactly do you move from wanting a killer promo video to scripting and producing one? Let’s take a look.

Usually, not more than a minute long, promo videos are designed to grab the attention of the viewer in a way that text can’t. And by engaging at an emotional level, these videos lead to one end: high viewership, likes, and shares on social media, and a huge upliftment in brand identity and recall.

The key to creating these stunners though is being able to leave aside monotonous facts about your property. Create videos that will be watched and appreciated – the housekeeper who dances, the front desk manager who is an exceptional local guide. There are many story gems hidden in your property. You just need to begin with an intriguing and entertaining idea.

Now let’s tuck into how you can make promo videos for your property in no time.

Set Your Goals

Whether you want to present your property, engage the audience with some fun and facts or educate your viewers, be clear in what you want and set your goals around it. Decide on the length of your video, and try to set a focus on the video style you prefer. Are you looking to create a 15- 30-second video? 60-second? A minute plus? And will it be an animation? A live action? Or a stock video?

Grab a Good Idea

This is an extremely crucial step. Take a walk around your property, talk to staff or better still ask your guests what they feel about your place and service. It’s bound to give you fabulous ideas that make the connection. Or if you like another way, watch some great videos already present in the market and get inspiration from them.

Script Up

Storytelling is the key here. Once the framework is ready in your mind, write your script highlighting how you want to present the story. Which text needs to be bold and formatted well. Choosing your header, footer and closing lines carefully is important. Decide on the core message your audience should take away from the video – don’t lose focus of it. Add call-to-action. And don’t forget video length when writing the script – this is not an essay, it’s a teaser.

Choose The Platform

You want to shoot the video or make use of presets available online. There are plenty of tools and platforms available online which offer technicality free video creation environment. Not only are most of these tools cost effective, they are super quick and let you roll out at the speed of your thought. Some of these tools are free and some charge for their content and offering. Take a quick tour of them to assess your fit and style and narrow down to the one you will use.

Our favorite tool is but then Animoto, Biteable, Renderforest, Animaker, Adobe After Effects are great tools too.

Images, Logos and Soundtrack

Incorporate your logo and use of any specific images and soundtrack. Plug them in accordance to your script and story guideline. Remember to look carefully at any license you purchase or the distribution rights of the images and soundtracks you choose.

Download, Share and Enjoy the Result

Once you have plugged in the elements above, run through it all to see if you need any modifications and additions. Any thought you have missed to mention or any repeats you could remove. Test it for if it is catchy and fits in with your goals. Download in the format you wish to share with your audience and launch away.

Make sure you have a good distribution plan in place to get maximum benefit from these videos.

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