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EZee Sets a Yet Another Milestone by Introducing Smart Chatbots in Their Hotel PMS Mobile App and Hotel Booking Engine

The software by eZee keenly revolve around providing simple and robust solutions. In that case, these chatbots go a step ahead to make hotel operations even simpler.
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EZee Sets a Yet Another Milestone by Introducing Smart Chatbots in Their Hotel PMS Mobile App and Hotel Booking Engine

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eZee - a leading hospitality technology provider company have recently infused their eZee Absolute hotel PMS mobile app with the smart digital assistant and eZee Reservation booking engine with an intuitive chatbot. The major aim behind such a revolutionary step is to empower the hotel industry with the newest technology. With these two new extensions, eZee have once again stood parallel to the fastest growing technology.

The entire tech world is slowly but surely getting used to relying on chatbot. This is because even without human interference, these chatbots are smart enough to carry out human interaction and other operations with the utmost efficiency. Which eventually helps them in carrying out their day-to-day tasks quite simply and in a very organised way. In that case, introducing such chatbots to hoteliers would be as good as presenting them with a virtual personal assistant.

With the help of the chatbot in the eZee’s booking engine- eZee Reservation, the hoteliers will be able to enhance their conversations with their website visitors. This chatbot can answer to the guests’ hotel related enquiries very accurately for 24x7x365. It can instantly inform the website visitors about all the important hotel details like the hotel’s location, services, amenities, availability and even about deals and discounts. Hence the guests don’t have to wait longer for their questions to be answered. In the same lines, the hoteliers can have the opportunity to be present for their prospects all the time. Eventually, both these factors collectively lead hoteliers in boosting the conversion ratio of their hotel website. Apart from that, they can also reduce their time that is spent after answering such enquiry calls.

The digital assistant in eZee Absolute mobile app obeys the chat and voice commands made by hoteliers. It has been particularly developed in order to help hoteliers with their fundamental operations like gathering arrival and departure lists, performing check-in and check-out, getting housekeeping status and etc. It takes texts and voice commands from the hoteliers to perform the operations they need, which is why now hoteliers will be able to accomplish these tasks in an even more convenient way. Moreover, now that the hoteliers’ work has alleviated to giving commands and getting the work done, it can be easily predicted that in near future, the chatbot will be able to tackle all such important tasks with the faster and accurate calibre. 

Upon setting a yet another technology milestone, Harshdeep Khatri, the CTO of eZee has his own vision to share: “Being the global leaders of the hospitality industry, it becomes our responsibility to revolutionise our software with respect to universal advancement of the technology. This eventually allows hoteliers to bare the most beneficial fruits. eZee have always been upright to bring the latest solutions before the industry; And with such futuristic  initiatives, we can certainly affirm a bright and promising future for the industry.”

Empowering the hospitality industry with the right and the latest technology has been the prime motive of eZee. Ever since the inception, they have been known for putting out solutions that are extraordinary. By always pushing their limits ahead, team eZee have always lifted the bars of quality solutions in the industry. 

About eZee:

eZee is one of the few complete hospitality IT solutions providers in the world offering solutions that cover hotel management, booking management, online room distribution, restaurant management, guest feedback and hotel mobile apps, eZee develops on-premise and cloud-based solutions as well as mobile applications for eZee solutions. Founded in 2005, today eZee along with 200+ partners serve more than 13,000 clients in more than 160 countries across the globe. For more details, visit our corporate website today.

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