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It Is Time to Open the Systems - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

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There is no doubt that the transformation of guests' stays into unique and transcendental positive experiences is currently the best tool for differentiation in the Hotel Industry.

I think that in the hotels what really makes the guest experience design a win-win tool, it is its holistic (integral) character. That is what makes the guest feel that he is living a pleasant experience in each corner of the Hotel. If we talk about a hotel as a large system that is formed by small subsystems, in terms of its different departments, they should be considered as small subsystems too.

When designing holistic experiences, systemic thinking should be considered in its cross-sectoral relationships. This can only be established by considering each subsystems ( sectors or departments)  as open systems. Open systems are those that have interactions with the external environment that surrounds them.

These interactions can be carried out as an exchange of information, energy or material from inside to outside the system or viceversa. Unfortunately, it is a fact that in many hotels, internal policies and operational flows tend to turn their sectors into closed systems. In this way the exchange of information, processes and energies is not favored with the external environment, especially with other sectors.

Therefore, they become closed systems, to the detriment of intersectoral relations and the final result of the services offered, which is easily perceived by customers. I want to share with all of you some ways to open the systems in a Hotel:

1-Exchange information about the preferences of the guests in each specific sector.

2-Allow interaction between workers in each sector.

3-Allow access of all Hotel workers to all sectors of the hotel.

4-Allow all employees to know what products and services are offered in all sectors of the Hotel.

5-Allow the exchange of products between sectors in a planned manner to avoid delays in their delivery.

According to my experience as a Hotel Consultant I am convinced  that the time has come to open the systems to achieve the integrality of the guest experience in each moment and space of the hotel, considering that it is the only way that exists to leave an indelible mark of wellbeing and happiness in the mind of the guest.

Osvaldo Torres

Experiential Hospitality & Neurohospitality Training & Consultancy