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5 Principles of Effective Mobile Landing Pages for Travel Marketers - Think with Google

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5 Principles of Effective Mobile Landing Pages for Travel Marketers

Excerpt from Think with Google

As a marketer, you might be spending a lot of time ensuring your ad creative is compelling and on brand. But are you spending enough time with your mobile design team? Ensuring the post-click experience is relevant and engaging is as important as the click itself. Research shows that when choosing a brand to travel with, an easy-to-use website matters more than online reviews or even loyalty programs to high-value travelers.1

High bounce and low conversion rates can be signs that your landing page experience doesn't match people's expectations. And remember, metrics that prove the value of marketing, like return on ad spend or cost per action, depend on what happens beyond the click. To deliver value to your customers and reap return on your ad spend, travel marketers must understand and be invested in the user experience beyond the first click.

If you know you need to improve your mobile experience but don't know where to start, here are five principles for effective mobile landing pages to help determine which areas need attention and investment. 

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