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Create Helpful Website Content That Relieves Guest Pain Points

Here are two examples of hotel website content that helps solve problems and relieves guest pain points:
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Create Helpful Website Content That Relieves Guest Pain Points


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Understanding your guests’ needs helps you create content that’s tailor-made for them.

The most innovative ideas in travel and hospitality marketing come from a deep understanding of the consumer journey, as well as a deep understanding of what guests really crave in a hotel and travel experience. So when you’re planning and executing content strategies for your hotel website, think of the guest first.

What do they care about?

Try to understand what challenges they face when traveling to a new city. And help solve them. Here are two examples:

1. Create Local Area Guides

Guests want to know what makes your neighborhood unique, what’s cool and nearby, where they can get a late night drink or a great slice of pizza. A well-crafted area guide can help make the neighborhood feel a little smaller and a little less intimidating for travelers who are new to your city.

An example of a helpful local area guide from the Barkli Gallery.


2. Rebrand Your FAQs

If you know Uber is banned in your city. Or there’s free parking one block from your hotel. Find creative ways to get that information in front of your guests. Rebrand your FAQs to something like Tips For Navigating JFK Airport or 3 Ways To Save A Few Bucks On Your Next Trip.

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