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Best Email Marketing Campaigns for Your Hotel Property

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Best Email Marketing Campaigns for Your Hotel Property


Vizergy clients have great success with our full-service email marketing product. This blog contains some of our client’s recent email campaigns that showcase high ROI and impressive analytics from utilizing TargetingHub’s smart list segmentation in addition to email marketing.

TargetingHub analyzes existing hotel PMS data to identify key insights about client’s best customers and target more just like them. After appending data, clients are able to segment lists to specifically market to their most eligible prospects in a relevant way through email marketing and multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.

Spoil Her This Mother’s Day! (6,874 contacts)

This email invited our contact list to celebrate mom and everything she does with an adventure to the client’s property. The email included featured local events including Mother’s Day Macaron’s, Flowers & Beer Floral Workshop and a Mother’s Day Brunch. Segmentation of list was by “children in household present” and “gender.”

Open Rate: 20.4%
Click Through Rate: 1.6%
Click to Open Rate: 7.7%
Conversion Rate: 2.5%
Revenue Generated: $71,420

Create Your Own Spring Break Getaway (6,234 contacts)

This email campaign invited guests from nearby cities to experience spring at the client’s property. Local spring events were such as a wine festival and a luxury car show were included as highlighted events. Segmentation of contact list was by “distance from property.”

Open Rate: 23.9%
Click Through Rate: 2.8%
Click to Open Rate: 11.8%
Conversion Rate: 2.1%
Revenue Generated: $61,052

Soak up the Sun All-Winter Long! (8,432 contacts)

This email invited contacts to celebrate the holiday season at the client’s beach-side property. The email featured two local events, a PGA golf tournament and local restaurant week, to further entice contacts to visit during the winter months.

Open Rate: 21.7%
Click Through Rate: 2.2%
Click to Open Rate: 9.9%
Conversion Rate: .6%
Revenue Generated: $22,958

Looking For More Reasons to Book? (varied contacts)

This monthly follow-up email campaign is sent specifically to contacts who didn’t open or click the previously sent email. The email features a free parking discount at the client’s property as well as discounted food and beverage offers. These emails are generally dispersed between other monthly client email sends.

Revenue Generated: $23,321

Summertime In The Village (7,286)

This summer email invited guests to soak up the sun. Featured local events included the city’s fair, full-moon pier walks and outdoor movie nights.

Open Rate: 31.4%
Click Through Rate: 4.2%
Click to Open Rate: 13.4%
Conversion Rate: .5%
Revenue Generated: $17,533

Book Direct & Save (441 contacts)

This email was segmented specifically to users who previously booked through an OTA. Using TargetingHub, we were able to append PMS data and send a 10% off promotion directly to these users encouraging them to book direct for their next stay.

Open Rate: 25.5%
Click Through Rate: 4.3%
Click to Open Rate: 16.9%
Conversion Rate: 2.3%
Revenue Generated: $3,843

We Miss You! (238 contacts)

This first quarter email was segmented specifically to users who previously booked in Q1 of any year, but haven’t returned since. Using TargetingHub, we specifically segmented out these users and created a hyper-targeted 10% Off promotion inviting those one-time guests to visit again. A tactic used in this campaign was to use the General Manager’s actual name as the sender name rather than the usual hotel property name. This was done in an effort to make this emails feel more personal.

Open Rate: 37.8%
Click Through Rate: 2.9%
Click to Open Rate: 7.8%
Conversion Rate: .4%
Revenue Generated: $197

Celebrate the Holiday Season at the Beach! (8,381 contacts)

This email invited our contacts to treat themselves to a festive beach getaway at the client’s beach-side property. This email mentioned local activities and festivals as two monthly featured events.

Open Rate: 18.9%
Click Through Rate: 2.1%
Click to Open Rate: 11.1%
Conversion Rate: 1.2%
Revenue Generated: $35,653

It’s “Local’s Summer” (7,841 contacts)

This September email corresponded with school starting back up for most people. This email specifically highlighted the uncrowded beaches and postcard-perfect weather to draw contacts from local areas to enjoy a “local’s summer”.

Open Rate: 25.9%
Click Through Rate: 3.1%
Click to Open Rate: 11.9%
Conversion Rate: .2%
Revenue Generated: $4,122

Find Your Next Adventure (7,797)

This email invited guests to get outdoors and explore the outdoor activities the client’s city has to offer. This email featured Guided Walking Tours and Electric Bike Tours as highlighted activities.

Open Rate: 27.1%
Click Through Rate: 2.9%
Click to Open Rate: 10.9%
Conversion Rate: .2%
Revenue Generated: $6,103

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