Dynamic Pricing

Report: Airbnb, Amazon and Uber Dominate Dynamic Pricing

Consider for one second that Airbnb already uses over 70 criteria to design its pricing strategy. That’s what you need to shoot for to engineer a pricing game that brings in major revenues.

Airbnb, Amazon, Uber and Tinder are getting in on the potential created by dynamic pricing, and with the correct leveraging of data, you can join them.

To guide you down this path of dynamic revenue optimization, EyeforTravel has created a 22-page report on Dynamic and Personalized Pricing to see you reach the perfect price and boost your profits.

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What you’ll learn from the report:

  • How you will eventually dispose of traditional pricing buckets and use machine learning to post dynamic offers that follow a continuous curve
  • The balance of willingness to pay with value of resource to determine a price optimized for conversions and income
  • Dynamic pricing in action with Airbnb, Amazon, Uber, IATA and Tinder
  • The formula for individualized pricing to boost revenue, minimize loss and surge customer satisfaction

Get the Report and get Exclusive Pricing Insight from Amazon here

This report will get you a step closer to putting in the revenue management groundwork to offer the perfect price and dynamically boost your profits.

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