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Are TripAdvisor and Other Travel Companies Censoring Their Reviews? - USATODAY

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When Mike Gnitecki left a so-so review online for the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., he expected his comments to stick. But they didn't. 

Less than two years after he penned a two-star rating for the property, TripAdvisor emailed him to say it had deleted his critique. 

"We would like to let you know that Omni Shoreham Hotel has recently gone through a major renovation," a representative wrote in an email Gnitecki shared. "As a result, all reviews and photos posted before the change, including yours, have been removed in accordance to our policy."

Gnitecki, a paramedic in Longview, Texas, is one of a growing number of travelers who suspect companies that host user-generated reviews are censoring some comments. They might be right. Companies like TripAdvisor remove reviews for a variety of reasons, which users might consider censorship. It's something to consider as you review the reviews before your summer vacation.

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