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EZee, ZEN Rooms, and Yanolja United to Present Hotel Technology's Future to the Industry Leaders in Malaysia

'Travel Tech: The age of convergence', a technology-awareness event was organized by eZee, which involved 100+ global hospitality professionals.
Attendees at ITB Asia
eZee, ZEN Rooms, and Yanolja united to present hotel technology's future to the industry leaders in Malaysia

eZee Technosys

Post the announcement of the development of ‘Y Flux’, the hotels’ automated future at ITB Asia, the industry leaders- eZee, ZEN Rooms, and Yanolja have united to introduce the future technology and its impact on the industry.

They held the event on the 6 November 2019 at Ibis Kuala Lumpur City Center, Malaysia. Here’s the synopsis/overview of the event:

1. Sean Tan, Sales Director of eZee Technosys Malaysia showcased the importance of revenue management and nextgen hotel guest experience.

2. Andrew S. Kim, Head of Global Hospitality Solution of Yanolja briefed the attendees about Hotel Industry’s Automated Future.

3. Maxime Chaury introduced everyone to ZEN Rooms’ first one-stop solution for hotels in Southeast Asia.

4. The Honorable President of Taipei Hotel Association, Qiu Le Fen presented on Taiwan Hotel Business Expansion Strategy.

5. The President of the Penghu Hotel Association, Cheng Chun Tzu introduced the Taiwan Hotel Industry.

6. National Secretary-General of Malaysia Budget Hotel Association, Dennis Ong introduced the Malaysian Hotel Industry.

7. Chapter Committee at MyBHA Sabah, Ken Ang summarized Malaysia Hotel Cum Tourism Ecosystem Development.

8. Founder and CEO of WideBed, Ivan Chong threw light on The Co-living Trend & Future of Tourism Property.

Since the onset of eZee, the company is oriented to streamline the hospitality industry to all comers with its solutions. It has always acknowledged the minutest pain points and has put excellent solutions to resolve them. When the company is on the verge of introducing next-gen technology to the industry, the company recognizes the need for awareness, for which they have organized this event.

In context with this event, Loke Chee Hoong expressed, ”These days, the tech-savvy travelers are not just looking for accommodation, they consider numerous parameters. On those lines, hotels should comprehend the fact that advanced technology is a prerequisite for a successful business. For that, the business owners should be well-versed with the latest or I’d say future technology. To ensure that, we keep on organizing several awareness events and workshops on key topics such as digital marketing for hotels, SSIT workshop and likewise. With such events, hotels can actually revamp their traditional practices and impart the next level of the guest experience.”

eZee’s urge to revolutionize the hospitality industry is encouraged by other industry leaders. They are consistently working with regional and global companies to provide the optimum solution to their users, ever since their inception. Their undying passion and persistent innovation have positioned them as an industry leader.

These events offer a common ground for the hotels, and hotel tech industry leaders, to be in the know of changing and upcoming trends of the industry.

About eZee

Founded in 2006, eZee is one of the very few hospitality technology providers in the world to develop and offer end-to-end hotel and restaurant solutions. eZee also has its regional branch in Malaysia for many years, leading to its established presence in the APAC region. Recently acquired by Yanolja, eZee has a stronghold on R&D and introducing innovations in its solutions to benefit the industry. Today eZee along with 200+ partners serves more than 13,000 clients in 160+ countries across the globe.

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