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Hospitality Social Media Marketing News - November 13, 2019 Issue

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Hospitality Social Media Marketing News - November 13, 2019 Issue

We’re getting closer to the holiday season, and as we’re restructuring and mapping out our social media strategies for 2020, it’s crucial for hotels and resorts of all shapes and sizes to consider all the new changes happening on social media.

Facebook Updates Their Company Brand

Facebook is giving their company-- not the platform itself-- a rebrand. They want people to know what products and apps are run and owned by the Facebook company. These products include Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Portal, and Calibra.

Image source: Facebook 

Every product owned by Facebook will be given a quick adjustment in visual branding, showing “From Facebook” somewhere on the homepage. The Facebook company logo will be changing, while the platform’s logo will stay the same. 

What This Means for Hotels & Resorts

This isn’t going to be affecting your campaigns much, but because there’s a big visual shift, we wanted to mention it. The company logo will be disconnected from the traditional Facebook logo itself, but the companies are still interconnected, and we’re still seeing a movement towards increased integration (at least where messaging is concerned). 

Facebook Expands Creator Studio & Access To Brand Collabs Manager

Facebook has recently been overhauling their Creator Studio, adding incredible new functionality, and now they’ve added expanded yet again.

Facebook just announced the following new features:

● Expansion of Brand Collabs Manager, which helps advertisers find creators for branded content partnerships. The expansion is going out to more than 40 countries, though you need to apply for access, which means needing 1,000 followers and strong engagement. 

● Enhanced Creator Studio, which is now offering Traffic Source Insights to see how their content is distributed across the platform and new abilities to post content to Instagram from desktop. This includes tagged branded partnership posts.

Image source: Facebook 

What This Means for Hotels & Resorts

The Traffic Sources Insights will be most useful to hotels and resorts, giving us more actionable information about how we’re building brand awareness on Facebook than ever before. This knowledge will allow us to optimize for our most effective channels and develop strategies to strengthen weaker referral sources. 

For hotels and resorts who aren’t in an area where this was previously accessible, check to see you’re able to apply now. The option to connect with creators and influencers to reach potential guests is a good one to have in your back pocket.

Instagram Shares Tips on Improving Stories

Instagram just released a new list of tips designed to help brands publish Stories that are more likely to drive results. These tips include the following:

● Suggestions for content, like testimonials, business stories, tutorials, and behind the scenes content.

● Recommendations for how to add text that’s effective and easy to read.

● Reminders to use stickers to make your Stories actionable.

● Suggestions for how to make your Stories interactive, like an increase of live video and  hosting Q&As.

Image source: Instagram

What This Means for Hotels & Resorts

While these tips are pretty standard, they’re a good refresher to check out to ensure that you’re exhausting every creative option for your Stories. This is what you want to do; Stories only last 24 hours, so you need to create significant amounts of content, and having the right ideas and strategies will be useful. You can see the full infographic here.

LinkedIn Adds New Translation Features to Platform

LinkedIn’s user base is expanding internationally faster than ever, so they’re making sure they can keep up. As a result, they’ve added two new language translation options to the platform, better facilitating on-platform communication between users who speak different languages. 

Image source: LinkedIn

What This Means for Hotels & Resorts

Perhaps few other industries understand the importance of being able to communicate with guests who speak different languages as well as the hospitality industry. There’s a high likelihood that you will encounter guests who speak a wide variety of different languages, and the ability to easily engage with them on social platforms like LinkedIn can give you a competitive advantage by starting the relationship building process early. 

Pinterest is Testing Emoji-Inspired Reactions for Video

Pinterest is on a roll lately, and the newest feature that they’re testing is fast emoji-inspired responses for on-platform videos. These emojis are similar to different “React” options on Facebook and LinkedIn, with surprise, heart, and laughing reactions.

Image source: Jane Manchun Wong

What This Means for Hotels & Resorts

Pinterest is primarily focused on finding and saving content; you don’t get much feedback from pinners and potential guests other than whether or not they’re saving your pins. Having reactions on videos will help you assess how users are experiencing your content, and it may provide valuable social proof that can help you attract guests from all over the world. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when we know more. 

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