Kris Ullmer and Rob Fulton
  Kris Ullmer and Rob Fulton

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PAII (the Professional Association of Innkeepers International) and AIHP (the Association of Hospitality Professionals) have merged to form one strong united organization, the Association of Lodging Professionals (ALP), Inc. as of January 1, 2020.

PAII has a long history in the Innkeeping profession, founded in 1987 by two innkeepers, Jo Ann Bell and Pat Hardy. In April 2018 the former for-profit PAII became a non-profit organization while continuing its core mission of education and advocacy.

The Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (AIHP) formed in June of 2015 as a non-profit independent lodging association in order to further advance the professional development and industry advocacy for independent lodging.

In 2019, both associations’ Board of Directors and Executive Officers met to discuss how to further address the challenges facing the Bed and Breakfast and Independent Lodging industry, recognizing the two associations served the same population.  By combining resources, a stronger and more effective united association was established. When the vote to merge was sent to the membership of both organizations, the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the merger.

PAII’s CEO Kris Ullmer and AIHP’s CEO Rob Fulton are both staying on as joint CEOs of the new association as well as the majority of the staff members from both organizations. 

The new association aims to advocate for the industry and educate existing and aspiring innkeepers, independent lodging owners, unique lodging properties, hospitality professionals and allied partners.

ALP is a collaborative community, solving the challenges of independent lodging property owners in a changing travel landscape and a non-profit association that focuses on professional development and advocates for the industry in media relations, and influencing public policy.

ALP’s MISSION: To embrace all current and aspiring professionals within the small, independent lodging community and help them become highly successful by providing critical education, advocacy, networking, and professional development.

ALP’s VISION: To ensure a vibrant and growing small, independent lodging community by serving as the foremost knowledge and information resource, a powerful industry advocate, and maintaining strong industry alliances.