‘Big Benefits for Intercontinental with ‘Triton’ A first-of-its-kind hotel management system

Triton Completes One Year at Intercontinental Park Royal, New Delhi

Triton On 1 September 2004, Intercontinental Park Royal New Delhi, part of the luxury hotel group, Intercontinental, completed one year of usage of Triton - a guest service and operations management system that the hotel implemented to provide better service to its guests.

In May 2003, Intercontinental Park Royal decided to implement 'Instant Service,' a global initiative by Intercontinental Hotels Group to improve service delivery and operations. After evaluating the available products, the hotel selected Triton to power its Instant Service initiative. "Triton provides some very powerful solutions that are in sync with the 'Instant Service' initiative we undertook at our property", says Scott Wilson, General Manager, Intercontinental Park Royal. While taking the decision, the hotel's management team was influenced by three differentiating features. One, Triton is designed with guest satisfaction as the primary objective. Two, it is easy to integrate into existing operational procedures and practices, and three, the Triton team committed substantial time to train the hotel's staff and help .

Says Scott Wilson, "Since implementing Triton we've experienced numerous improvements and benefits but the reduction in customer complaints and the increase in guest satisfaction ratings are the best indicators of the success of the initiative. Today, we can't imagine what it would be like to manage the hotel without Triton."

Following the implementation of Triton, there have been many significant gains for Intercontinental's flagship hotel in Delhi. For instance, staff response times at the hotel have reduced to less than ten minutes for over 90% of guest calls. "The management team can monitor staff in real-time and analyze their performance from the reports. This creates accountability which automatically leads to better job performance," says Scott Wilson.

Powerful analysis reports lead to improvement in operational and product efficiency. The management team at the Intercontinental Park Royal analyzes and discusses data from Triton on a weekly basis to determine the operational and product changes that may be required. As a result of changes that have been implemented over the past year, guest complaints related to TV remote controls, plumbing, air-conditioning and other such issues have declined between 30% and 50%.

In April 2004, the hotel installed the interface between Triton and its Property Management System, Opera. This enables the front office team to view the complaint and service history of repeat guests and customize their rooms in advance of their arrival. Says Sandeep Arora, Front Office Manager, "I use Triton to monitor all important guests and their activities. The system alerts me on my pager every time an important guest checks in or complains about something. We are also using the system to reduce minibar losses."

Says Nikhil Nath, Chief Executive of Knowcross Solutions, the company that has developed Triton, "We are proud to have Intercontinental as a customer. The management team at the hotel has effectively utilized the capabilities of Triton to improve service quality, service consistency and operational efficiency."

About Triton and Knowcross Solutions
Triton has been developed by New Delhi based Knowcross Solutions. Founded in 2001, Knowcross is developing a portfolio of next-generation software products for the hospitality industry.

Knowcross was founded by Nikhil Nath, earlier a venture capitalist at global private equity firm, Antfactory. Industry expertise is provided by Virinder Oberoi, a hotel industry veteran with over forty years of experience in hotels around the world and a visiting professor at leading hotel schools. Technical leadership is provided by Royal Hansen, earlier Vice President at @Stake, the world's largest digital internet security firm.

Knowcross distributes Triton through sales and marketing partners in Hong Kong, Middle-East, Spain and the United States. In addition to its partner network, Knowcross has recently established a direct presence in the United States to drive Triton's growth in the American market.

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