Avendra Quality Assurance Services Can Be An Effective Response To Recent FDA Food Handling 'Call To Action'

New ASG Offerings Provide Direct Assistance to Properties

Avendra Avendra, the hospitality industry's largest procurement services company, offers food service operators a variety of services that can help them address food safety issues highlighted in a recently released report by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA findings, released in the middle of a 10 year study that began in 1998, reported widespread risks of food-borne illness across various types of food service operations. These risk factors help cause more than 76 million Americans to contract food-borne illnesses each year. Full service restaurants, common among Avendra's customer base, reported the highest incident rate across identified risk factors.

"Avendra has a dual strategy for our customers to ensure food safety. Our first line of defense is our supplier audit program, which proactively checks for proper food handling among our supplier base. In addition, through our newly formed Avendra Services Group (ASG), we have property-based services that help ensure safe food operations at individual units," said Ed Thompson, vice president of Quality Assurance for Avendra.

ASG's food safety-related offerings include: Food Safety Reviews, which thoroughly assess a property's handling, preparation and serving of food; HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Program Development, which helps properties to comply to food handling regulations; and Meet the Truck Audits, which ensure that properties are getting wholesome product, delivered in the right condition, from local suppliers.

"As the report showed, many food service operations are susceptible to a variety of potential issues which can occur throughout their supply chain or their own preparation, all of which can carry significant risk to the operator," added Dennis Baker, president and CEO of Avendra. "Our QA services improve properties' capabilities and provide enhanced risk management for operators. As part of our new flexible approach, we are pleased to offer these services on a stand alone basis through our Avendra Services Group."

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