Who Are Your Most Important Guests? - By Emmanuel Gardinier

Have you ever wondered who is actually reserving the rooms at your hotel? Do you know who is usually the hardest person to satisfy? Who is responsible for the growing demands of Spas?

HTrends The answer is Women.

Thatís right! Apart for male specific destinations (like a buddies golf trip) or business-oriented hotels (and with the growing number of women traveling on business this is also changing), most of your reservations are decided and made by women.

From female executives, to secretaries booking for their bosses, and the wife booking the vacations for the family or the weekend getaway, itís usually the women who decide where we stay. So you better start paying attention.

Orient your marketing effort to the fairer sex; make your property more appealing to them.

Make your website a little more women friendly and give information they might find interesting like, specific rooms amenities (make up mirrors, blow-dryers, or irons for example), or services you might offer (in room hairdressing, one day laundry, etc.). Have a list of things to do in your area that cater to them.

In a couple, even if itís the man making the reservation, itís usually the woman who does the research and ultimately decides where she wants to stay.

Your front desk staff should be able to answer any questions a woman might ask, such as where to find specific products and shops, a restaurant providing light food according to the latest diet craze, or safety issues for the woman out alone.

When you upgrade your bathrooms, donít forget the make-up station (with good lighting and mirror), ample storage for all the paraphernalia, have the shower designed so they can prop their legs to shave. Donít forget the fluffy towels.

In the rooms you need a full-length mirror with sufficient lighting, you can also arrange the desk so it can be used for make-up as well. You could also offer a specific turndown service.

Itís nice to have a giant plasma screen, but itís usually an amenity that will mean little to our companions. So invest wisely, and donít cut corners on the quality of your fabrics or beds, they know more about it than we do, so go the extra mile.

As far as details, they are the ones who will notice the dust on the lampshade and the missing hook on the curtains. Keep that in mind and it will help you raise your overall quality.

In a couple, itís usually the man who will come to the front desk to complain, but if you dig a little, you will find that the origin of the complaint is usually coming from the lady. So you have to take that factor into consideration to solve the problem.

By catering to women, you will not only be able to increase your sales, but you will also be able to increase the percentage of return guests, and they are the most important of all.

About the author
Emmanuel Gardinier is an award-winning hotelier; he has spent the last 20 years managing properties in over 12 countries. He is committed to provide the highest standard of services to his guests. He has specialized in upgrading properties, as well as streamlining operations and staff training.

He has also been an active consultant and as given lectures and classes in many world-renowned hotel schools.

Now settled in the USA, he is offering comprehensive on site work and is available to help owners and managers achieve their goals regardless of the size or style of property.


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