ISHC Members Respond to Need for Mediators and Arbitrators with Dedicated Hospitality Experience & Expertise.

Increasing Costs of Civil Litigation Also a Factor in Dispute Settlements

ISHC With the increasing popularity of Alternative Dispute Resolution it was inevitable that the hospitality industry would take note of its advantages. As costs associated with civil litigation increase; individuals and organizations involved in hospitality projects are increasingly recognizing that disputes that arise between parties may be reasonably, fairly and economically resolved through ADR.

While franchise and management agreements have historically included arbitration and mediation provisions, they generally refer to standard rules and use third-party providers with little or no background in the hospitality industry.

Recognizing the need for arbitrators and mediators with dedicated hotel industry expertise, ISHC, working in conjunction with the Institute for Conflict Management (ICM), was able to offer ADR training exclusively for ISHC members. During the past several months, 29 ISHC members have completed arbitration, mediation and/or issue review board training .

The International Society of Hospitality Consultants, ISHC, is a professional society of 175 members in 18 countries who are leading consultants in the hospitality industry.

ISHC members have expertise in over 40 different specialty areas in the hospitality industry.

Membership is by invitation only. Members are owners, principals and/or directors in their firms and are recognized as leaders in their respective areas of expertise.

For a complete listing of ISHC members along with additional information on Alternative Dispute Resolution please visit www.ishc.com.

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