Boccardi Capital Brings 'A Touch of Gold' to Las Vegas

Boccardi LAS VEGAS, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Boccardi Capital announced today the beginnings of their much-vaunted branding concept, KING MIDAS WORLD. New partners have come on board for this development that promises to change Las Vegas forever.
More than just an innovative way to play with money in Las Vegas and elsewhere, the KING MIDAS WORLD concept introduces an all surrounding lifestyle. Based on the ancient legend of KING MIDAS (The Midas Touch) who turned to gold everything he touched, KING MIDAS WORLD will empower people in much the same way. With the pieces in place, Boccardi is set to deliver to Las Vegas a revolutionary new dimension to the gaming industry, opening new doors of revenue and entertainment.
Since 1998, Boccardi Capital has trademarked the name KING MIDAS WORLD for a multitude of services, such as telecommunications, internet services, technology (including software and hardware), casino and hotel services and merchandising.
Boccardi Capital has agreed with Lithtech, Inc., a subsidiary of Monolith Productions, Inc. and a leading-edge developer of technology solutions for 3-D games and applications based in Seattle, Washington to move forward. Boccardi is also discussing with several other leading technology firms the technology requirements for the development of the KING MIDAS WORLD product line. Lithtech will be one of the companies involved in constructing the complex 3-D technology system that will support the revolutionary concept in gambling known as GENESIS GAMING, a trend on how to play with money on a casino floor and part of the KING MIDAS WORLD branding concept. That will include the KING MIDAS WORLD Interactive Gaming platform, as well as a product line that will be extended to software and eventually hardware offerings.
The idea behind GENESIS GAMING is kept under very close guard. Boccardi says, GENESIS will transform gambling as we know it. GENESIS GAMING is a revolutionary concept on how to play on a casino floor.
The technology for the KING MIDAS WORLD product line will require from 12 to 24 months of development.
Innovation and originality is the formula for Boccardi Capital and for the outlook of Las Vegas.

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