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Pixel Advertising For Hotels Arrives

Pixel Advertising has proved to be a very successful marketing method. With great acknowledgment, we pay an immense appreciation to Alex Tew, for paving the stepping stones into a new age of marketing. has inventively captured this method, combining it with a trouble-free mapping system, thus, characterizing each link to its specific country. is not a travel agency; it's simply a balanced 'guidebook' to every single type of holiday accommodation this world has to offer. Although still in the very early stages of its existence, they have already reached thousands of internet users, and given a cost effective alternative to tedious and time consuming marketing strategies.

For hoteliers and travel agents alike, presents them with the opportunity to 'stand out' from other sources by allowing strategic placement of advertisements with the further opportunity to enhance their visibility through clever designs and logos, after all, a picture is worth more than 1000 words. is predicted especially to benefit niche travel agents and smaller independent hotels. However, once the site is fully loaded, it will provide an incomparable service to all hotel/travel businesses and customers alike.

' is a breath of fresh air. It's fun, practical, straightforward and cost effective.' M.Korim (director of

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