Travelodge Tests First Mobile Hotel Room

When it comes to hotel rooms, this one is quite literally in a field of its own...

Travelodge UK Travelodge has produced the ultimate accessory for lovers of outdoor entertainment. Forget waterlogged tents - now you can have for the first time, a mobile bedroom or 'Travelpod' to make even the fussiest festival-goer feel at home.

The room comes complete with a luxury double bed, bedside tables, lights, duvet, pillows, fully carpeted floor, dressing table with light, mirror, chair and even its own WC.

The palatial pod is sealed in a 6 metres (Length) by 2.4 metres (Width) x 2.6 metres (Height) clear polycarbonate glass box but inside has features that you will find in any Travelodge hotel across the country.

The Travelpod will be trialled this summer in a number of 'soft' tests in various environments, with a festival ear-marked for next year to run the first customer trials.

Wayne Munnelly, Travelodge's Director of Sleep said, "We are always looking at new ways of making budget accommodation more accessible to the public. The Travelpod is a great way of taking our Travelodge room to the customer.

"This summer we are running a few private trials which will allow me to work on the levels of light, noise and privacy allowed by the Travelpod. We will be opening up the test to customers next summer, targeting festivals and other major outdoor events."

"It is a great concept where guests can enjoy the festival, dance through the night and climb in to a nice comfy bed. Not everyone who goes to a concert wants to sleep in a tent - this is the ultimate budget fun alternative."

Customers will have the chance to be a part of the trial next year by following the progress of 'Travelpod' on its website, The trial price will match the companys leading room rate of £26 per night.

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