Celebrate the Mercé Festival in Barcelona with ARTEH

Barcelona brings over 3000 national and international Artists to celebrate the Mercé Festival and Welcome the Autumn Season, while ARTEH(R) prepares the best accommodation for the visitors.

ARTEH Hotels and Resorts 24th of September marks the start of a week's celebration in honor of the Patron Saint of Barcelona, the Mare de Déu de la Mercé. Every year the festival puts together groups of musicians from all over the world which perform live in various locations of the city, Plaza del Fòrum, Avenida de la Catedral, Rambla del Rayal, el Moll de la Fusta, Plaza Catalunya, amongst other areas.

The climate allows celebrations to take place out on the streets, where there are activities for all tastes. In line with Barcelona's cultural development you'll come across figures such as the Gegantes and the Capgrossos that stroll about, representing the Catalan city halls. To accompany them, in the fun parade, are street artists that provoke laughter and surprise through their theatrical and traveling music acts.

Indispensable to these celebrations are the devilish colorful spit fire figures, the correfocs that precede the most expected spectacle of the Mercé Festival, the Piromusical show. The sky is filled with lights and colors thrown together with quality music.

And for visitors not to miss a thing, during the weekend of the 24th, transports are out and about 24/7.

About Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, not only in size but also in population. It is the capital of Catalonia, one of the seventeen Autonomous Communities that make up country that lies along a privileged position of the Mediterranean, on the northern coast of Iberia.

Besides its geographical location, the cultural, historical and traditional influences make Barcelona unequivocally Mediterranean and multi-faceted. Not only is it rich in history, it has transformed itself into one of the most dynamic and stylish cities in the world.

Summer is synonym to serious partying and for the rest of the year, visitors will be blown away as Barcelona is on the biting edge of architecture, food, fashion, style and music.

About the Hotels

To complete the festive experience and extend Barcelona's sensations, ARTEH(R) has some of the best Luxury Boutique Design Hotels of the region for an accommodation that is guaranteed to prolong the emotions.

Hotel Claris

Touch treasures of the past, in an environment of contemporary luxury.

Right in the heart of Barcelona and displaying the majestic façade of the 19th century Verduna Palace, the distinctive Hotel Claris offers a journey through time and through the history of past civilizations.

At the hotel's museum and throughout the other spaces there are antiques on show; some are thousands of years old, from artefacts from ancient Egypt, Roman mosaics or Indian sculptures, to 18th and 19th century English furniture. In the luxurious rooms these testimonies of the past are present, alongside the best materials and equipment of modern times.

Neri H&R

Experience Sensuality and awaken all your senses.

Right in the heart of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, by the Cathedral and Sant Jaume's Plaza, a renovated 18th century manor house in wood and stone stands out. Today it is the sensual Hotel Neri H&R.

Sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste are all essential to understanding the details and the niches of this hotel. Furthermore, all are indispensable to apprehending the philosophy inherent Hotel Neri H&R.

The Meeting Room, the Library, and the relaxing Terrace-solarium, a combination of the five elements of equilibrium inspired by the ideals of feng shui, all deserve to be highlighted. The rooms, comfortable and sensual, are equipped with modern comforts and technological amenities.

Hotel Granados 83

Maximum elegance in a minimalist atmosphere.

The contemporary Hotel Granados 83 is located Barcelona's active and lively centre, only a step away from the main tourist, commercial and business areas.

The decor, of utmost elegance and a Zen spirit, perfectly combines the industrial image of the structure with the details of modern well-being, accompanied by a collection of antiques and works of art. The rooms are ample and comfortable, especially those with two floors, terrace and private pool.

About ARTEH(R) - Hotels and Resorts

Best Independent Hotel Chain - Publituris Awards 2004 and 2005

ARTEH(R) - Hotels and Resorts is a soft brand independent Hotel Chain with a Luxury Collection of Charming & Exclusive Boutique Hotels and Resorts, with Golf and SPA.

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