Aspiring for the Perfect Customer Experience?

International Training Company Develops Pioneering Program

Aspire Marketing Aspire, a global training and consulting company, proudly announces the much anticipated launch of its innovative Customer ExperienceSM program.

Aspire's Customer Experience program is a complete business solution for companies looking to solve the age-old customer service riddle. Front office and sales staff will learn how to implement a variety of Aspire's ground-breaking tactics that result in exceptional customer service skills.

'Mastering the core customer service fundamentals will position your company light-years ahead of the rest,' said Renie Cavallari, Aspire's CEO. 'Many companies offer similar products and services. The separating factor in who people buy from hinges on the overall customer service experience. Our program helps you learn how to touch, inspire and train your team to deliver the best experience and create repeat customers.'

According to Aspire, customer service is far more than a training program. Customer service is a culture first, which is supported by training and tools. This is done by creating engaging learning environments, increasing teamwork, enhancing the presentation standards, improving productivity and providing real problem solving techniques.

Customer experience is more than greeting a customer and making a sale. Aspire's program teaches organizations the fundamentals of greeting every customer, every time, asking questions to engage and connect with each guest, building rapport, handling problems before they become a complaint and taking action to create customers for life.

Understanding that training alone does not work is essential. Learning is the key component. Aspire tailors its Customer Experience program for each organization and helps them identify areas of improvement and opportunity. This allows every company to move toward their own unique core competencies and deliver a choreographed customer service experience.

'Great companies understand that happy employees create happy customers and that everyone in the company works for only one person...the customer,' points out Cavallari. 'Creating this kind of inspired customer service culture is how you get your employees on the customer experience bus.'

About Aspire
Aspire achieves extraordinary results for clients in varied industries through the implementation of unique and customized sales, training, strategic marketing, team building and revenue optimization solutions. Aspire genuinely cares about building relationships with never ending possibilities, as evidenced by its 96 percent client retention since the company's founding in 1995. Founded by renowned industry thought-leader, Renie Cavallari, Aspire is headquartered in Phoenix with offices in New Jersey, North Carolina, California, Colorado, London and Berlin. For more information, visit www.aspiremarketing.com.

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