Le Parker Meridien Hotel Chosen Best Place to Stay In NYC by Travel Industry Expert, Stephanie Abrams

Meridien CLOSTER, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 27, 2001--Stephanie Abrams, who was asked to identify the Best Place to Stay in the top 50 cities worldwide for Global Travel Network and the Cooperative Marketing Alliance, a travel agency membership group of over 2000 travel agencies, says that, all hotels have lobbies, elevators and rooms but Le Parker Meridien's approach to guest services is just brilliant!
The hotel, steps from Carnegie Hall on fashionable 57th Street, has what Abrams describes as the snappy appeal of casual cosmopolitan sophistication with a mission to make you smile! Many hotels project `grandiose awkwardness.' Le Parker Meridien lifts the spirit with `Humor, New York Style,' Abrams explains, like a stroll through a great gallery.
With travelers paying more careful attention to their travel choices, Don Gould, President of The Travel Authority, a travel agency consortium which is a member of the CMA group, enlisted Abrams' assistance in identifying hotels that the group's member agencies can have confidence in booking for their valued clients. Gould expressed delight with Le Parker Meridien as the first hotel to be named to this list. We look forward to educating our agencies regarding the client benefits at this special property, Gould states.
The unique positioning of Le Meridien Hotel chain starts at the top. Abrams credits CEO Juergen Bartels for setting the vision for differentiating the brand. He's a man with a mission and is clearly on the right track. What Le Meridien is doing for guests reflects what guests are looking for. It's the formula for success: determine what customers want and provide it! Le Meridien is doing that, Abrams states.
Important factors that differentiate Le Parker Meridien include Bartel's Art & Tech rooms, accommodations specifically designed for comfort, style and functionality.
A sprawling `command station' includes a huge surface for paperwork and computers and an attached circular table suitable for in-room meetings or dining, Abrams notes. Your workstation has data ports, modem, fax, call-waiting, voicemail, and an ergonomically-correct desk chair. The 32 plasma screen entertainment center provides viewing from living and sleeping areas while creating a room-divider.
NYC attitude abounds! Doorknob hangers boldly announce, GO AWAY, or FUHGETTABOUDIT! instead of Do Not Disturb. Inside the in-room mini-bar is a sign stating, You touch it, you pay for it!
Travel agents need to know their clients' experience will be excellent. Identifying the Best Hotel in the top cities is key. With Le Parker Meridien, clients and agents report high satisfaction, Abrams remarks.
The best way to book a room? Go to www.travelnetwork.com or www.travelauthority.com and link up with a travel agency where you can book your room online or choose an agency to communicate with by phone or online.
It's easy to remember Le Parker Meridien by its best description, Abrams concludes. Uptown. Not Uptight.
Stephanie Abrams, with over twenty years in the travel industry is recognized as an expert in the travel industry and has been repeatedly named to Travel Agent Magazine's list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Travel. Abrams has been honored for her work in the travel industry having been a three-time recipient of the prestigious Travel Agency Achievement Award given by Travel Weekly Magazine for Best Public Relations Campaign, Best Marketing Promotion and Best Radio Advertising. Some of the Advisory Boards on which she has served include Dollar Rent a Car, Amadeus Global Distribution System, Hong Kong Tourism Authority, The American Society of Travel Agents Council of Travel Marketing Organizations, and the International Affairs Committee of the International Franchise Association.

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