Going Green in the Lobby

Cheetah Spotz, of Rockledge, Florida has announced the introduction of a new 'green' product for Hotel lobbies: The Interactive Concierge

The Interactive Concierge The Interactive Concierge is an interactive touch-screen directory kiosk that provides area information for hotel guests, including restaurants, activities, attractions and personal services. The Interactive Concierge will print color brochures and coupons, as well as directional maps, and even offers the possibility to make reservations directly through the kiosk.

The Interactive Concierge is an alternative to the standard 'brochure rack' form of information dissemination. Guests will be less likely to grab 'stacks and stacks' of pre-printed brochures, few of which they will actually utilize, and more likely to print off only those brochures that they are truly interested in, saving waste and saving trees.

In addition to the 'greening' of the hotel lobby, The Interactive Concierge provides a clean, professional presentation of information dissemination making any hotel lobby a more attractive environment.

The Interactive Concierge has been implemented in a number of key hotels in the Cocoa Beach, Florida and Kennedy Space Center area. For information, go to www.theinteractiveconcierge.com or call Tim Hock at 321.693.4948.

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