AMTELCO Announces Ovation Agent Software for Hospitality Industry Call Centers

AMTELCO is pleased to announce the release of Ovation Agent. Ovation Agent is specifically designed to provide hospitality call centers with increased functionality, strong flexibility, and a tangible return on investment. Any size organization can use Ovation Agent to increase the quality of their communications, guest services and revenue, and reduce labor costs.

AMTELCO The Ovation Agent becomes one with your existing property management system to provide seamless access to all of the information stored in your PMS database. Ovation Agent's Intelligent Directories can interact with the property management system to simplify common operator actions such as reservations, wakeup calls, and maintenance dispatching.

The Ovation Agent Sandbox provides your operators with a tool to search and utilize the data in your existing PMS system in a clear and simple manner. Sandbox performs incremental searches as the operator types and provides instant access to any information they need.

Intelligent Agent Scripting

Combine the simplicity of the Ovation Agent Sandbox with the power of Intelligent Agent Scripting to cover all possible call scenarios. Intelligent Agent Scripting allows you to create customized call flow and message scripts that guide agents through completing calls. Scripting is a perfect tool for customizing the information agents should gather from callers when taking all types of hospitality calls including:

• Reservations

• Upselling

• Convention services

• Event registration

• Room service

• Help desk scripting

• Maintenance dispatching

• Security

Ovation Agent Benefits:

• Improve Accuracy

• Increase Efficiency

• Add Powerful Search Capabilities

• Improve Flexibility

• Reduce Labor Costs

AMTELCO has been a leading provider of communication solutions and telemessaging equipment since 1976 and is well known in various industries for continually developing innovative call center solutions. All AMTELCO products are backed by superior 5-Star Service and support.

For more information on the AMTELCO Ovation Agent software, call (800)356-9148 or (608)838-4194, or visit otheur Web site at

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