Tripware Receives Second Round for Behavioral Travel Management Technology

Tripware, a new travel service for self-managed business travelers, has received its second round of private funding. The sizable investment will be used to expand development and marketing for Tripware's patent pending travel technology, which includes integration into Microsoft Outlook.

Tripware Tripware (, a travel service for business travelers, has received a second round of funding from a notable private investor. The same investor funded Tripware's first round of financing in 2007. The substantial second round will be used to further develop and market Tripware's technology, dubbed Behavioral Travel Management. The patent pending technology fuels Tripware's recently released OutBook product.

'This funding will allow us to further develop our adaptive algorithms. These algorithms are based on numerous static aspects like generic travel preferences and policies but more importantly on many dynamic behavioral constraints like lifestyle, aviation patterns, work flow, and time savings allowing business travel to be more automated,' remarked Satish Bhagavatula, cto for Tripware.

Adding further, Dean Wright, vp of marketing for Tripware, declared 'for the 35 million plus U.S. business travelers, the investment in our behavioral management technology will help travelers get out of the office faster, travel so much better, and return home quicker.' Tripware is being initially marketed to the self-managed business traveler but with plans to offer a corporate travel product and a c-suite option.

"We couldn't have asked for a stronger and more visionary investor. Our investor clearly understands the opportunity to automate business travel beyond the current norm," commented Clark C. Rines, ceo and president for Tripware. "This puts our company in a great position to significantly enhance our technology and market our product suite to U.S. business travelers."

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About Tripware
Tripware is a travel service for people who plan, book, and manage their own business trips. The novel aspect of Tripware is that the entire trip process can be done right from Microsoft Outlook. Tripware focuses on automating business travel as much as possible. Tripware also offers a desktop application for use outside business calendars. Tripware has value-added features such as complete itineraries, notifications/alerts, rewards program tracking, and expense reporting. By implementing its patent pending technology, Behavioral Travel Management, Tripware allows business travelers to leave the office faster, travel better, and come home sooner. Founded in 2007, Tripware is headquartered in Mesa, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. Tripware is owned by Remotian Systems, Inc.

Tripware by Remotian Systems, Inc.

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