EZYield.com Taps Apical Resource Group LLC for Recruiting Services

Apical's ability to provide executive level qualified candidates continues for hospitality technology leader

Apical Resource Group Apical Resource Group LLC, an innovative travel and hospitality technology-recruiting firm, today announced that it has entered into a contractual agreement to provide targeted executive level recruiting services for EZYield.com as the company enters an expansion and strong growth period.

'Over the past few months our needs for executive level personnel hiring have changed and accelerated,' stated Ed St. Onge, president of EZYield.com. 'After reviewing several firms, we decided to go with Apical Resource Group because of their specialization in the hospitality technology industry and their professional reputation of delivering qualified candidates.'

Apical Resource Group is a new age recruiting firm focused solely on the travel and hospitality technology sector enabling companies to find the right candidate quickly and effectively while ensuring that Apical remains true to its core mission of, 'helping people get back to work.' Apical performs proactive searches rather than reactive searches. Apical finds that searching for the passive and active candidates gives us an edge over firms who react to current needs and who utilize web postings, advertisements and job board searches in helping them succeed. Apical Resource Group has built a strong database of candidates through our relationships, networking and recruiting efforts over the years. Our candidates are the backbone to our overall success with our clients.

'Apical Resource Group is very excited about this new relationship with EZYield.com,' stated Alan E. Young, partner at Apical Resource Group. 'We believe that we have the best relationships with both the candidate and the client communities, and we can leverage these relationships in order to help EZYield.com obtain the right candidates for their go forward business strategy. We are looking forward to growing along side EZYield.com and we feel that this partnership will be beneficial to both companies in the short and long term.'

'We look forward to continuing our relationship with Apical as our needs grow and evolve,' stated St. Onge.

About Apical Resource Group LLC
Apical Resource Group LLC. is a wholly owned travel and hospitality technology, sales and marketing recruiting firm. Apical focuses on recruiting for mid-level to executive positions and offers a new and aggressive solutions model. For a complete overview or additional information about Apical, please contact an Apical Solutions Representative at 1-770-517-5580 or visit the Apical's Web Site at www.apicalresourcegroup.com.

About EZ Yield
Since introducing the world's first automated channel management solution in 2002, EZYield.com has remained the undisputed leader in online distribution technology for the global hospitality industry. Today, over 2,500 hotels in 65 countries utilize EZYield.com's advanced channel management software to streamline the distribution of rates and inventory to 430+ forward distribution channels in multiple languages and 168 currencies. EZYield.com's ASP web-based platform and mobile friendly solutions are designed to give control of online distribution back to the hotelier, with products dynamic and flexible enough to satisfy properties ranging from 40 to 4,000 rooms. EZYield.com maintains regional offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the America's, in order to provide continuous live support to their clients around the world. For more information, please visit www.ezyield.com.

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