Innovator Tripware Touts Business Travel Tool of the Year

Tripware, a novel end-to-end travel tool launched this year, offers business travelers the ability to schedule a business meeting and book the travel related to that meeting in one familiar tool: Microsoft Outlook. Tripware's tool, a plug-in dubbed Tripware OutBook, has been selected to demonstrate their innovation at the 2009 Travel Innovation Summit@The PhoCusWright Conference in November.

Tripware Tripware OutBook, a new travel tool for business travelers, is a plug-in that handles the entire business trip process directly in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Tripware has been selected as one of the companies to demonstrate their innovative product at The Travel Innovation Summit@The PhoCusWright Conference ( in November. The plug-in connects to a traveler's online profile that stores flight, hotel, car, scheduling, notification, and membership preferences. Using the time, date and location information already entered into Microsoft Outlook for scheduling a business meeting, Tripware OutBook books the trip for the meeting and embeds the itinerary in the Microsoft Outlook appointment entry.

Tripware's VP of Marketing, Dean M. Wright, states, 'Tripware's uniqueness stems from its ability to book travel at the same time as and in the same tool for scheduling a business appointment. Yet, Tripware offers an end-to-end travel tool for business travelers. You only set up one travel profile. You allow or block any number of airline carriers, hotel chains, and rental car companies to show up in your own booking window. You don't surf to multiple travel websites. You don't forward all your confirmation emails to an itinerary consolidator. Your complete trip itinerary rests in your Outlook appointment.' Mr. Wright concludes, 'We are honored to be selected to showcase our company and product at PhoCusWright's Travel Innovation Summit. We believe Tripware could end up being the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit Winner.'

Tripware accesses flight, hotel, and car information via a global distribution system. As such, Tripware receives the same rates and inventory as online travel websites, traditional travel agencies, and travel search engines. Tripware adds more value to the business traveler with the inclusion of planning, booking, and managing travel from one tool, Microsoft Outlook.

The CEO and President of Tripware, Clark C. Rines, declares 'It is indeed an honor to be selected to demonstrate Tripware at the PhoCusWright Conference. OutBook is certainly an innovation that delivers time savings, stress reduction, and a far better travel experience. Our customers spend less time worrying about travel arrangements and more time concentrating on what's most important, their business.'

For the business traveler that wants to save time, reduce stress, and use an innovative travel tool, Tripware can be downloaded at Tripware helps travelers leave faster, travel better, and return sooner.

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About Tripware
Tripware is a travel service for people who plan, book, and manage their own business trips. The novel aspect of Tripware is that the entire trip process can be done right from Microsoft Outlook. By automating business travel as much as possible, Tripware enables the traveler to schedule appointments and book travel for that appointment all at the same time and in the same business tool. Tripware has value-added features such as complete itineraries, notifications/alerts, rewards program tracking, and expense reporting. By implementing its patent pending technology, Behavioral Travel Management, Tripware allows business travelers to leave the office faster, travel better, and come home sooner. Founded in 2007, Tripware is headquartered in Mesa, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. Tripware is owned by Remotian Systems, Inc.

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