ACTE Presents NBTA With Merger Proposal

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) today presented the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) with an outline of the broad terms of a proposed merger. The action followed a unanimous vote taken by the ACTE board of directors to reopen merger negotiations. According to ACTE President Richard Crum, these terms represent guarantees for the rights and privileges of the entire international membership, while supporting the integrity of ACTE's global education program.

ACTE 'The market place wants and needs a combination of the best of both organizations, best practices, and deliverables,' said ACTE President Richard Crum. 'This will not be accomplished by the takeover of one association by another, but rather a true merging of ideas, philosophies, and memberships -- all committed to creating a new organization.' Crum added that the results of previous merger dialogues would not have found the support of ACTE's international constituency. Sixty percent of ACTE's membership is outside the US.

Among the key points regarded as essential to garnering the legally required 51 percent of the ACTE membership vote necessary to effect a merger are:

Brand: A co-branding for the next 2 years followed by the creation of a new name

Board: A new interim Board formed with 5 members from the ACTE and NBTA current boards for 2 years. Afterwards, new elections will be held among the joint membership with non-US seats guaranteed

Leadership: the new NBTA president and new Executive Director being sourced by NBTA will lead the combined organization

Education: ACTE led based on the ACTE philosophy

Membership: New model which balances ACTE and NBTA philosophy

All ACTE and NBTA remaining 2009 programming continues as planned. ACTE invites NBTA to partner with us for these events.

'We believe that NBTA has the good of the industry at heart in their drive for a merger with ACTE,' said Crum. 'We do too. Adoption of these terms, coupled with a an entirely new negotiation team, is the best way to guarantee the creation of one new organization, designed to provide each region with an equal voice and equal representation, continue ACTE's excellence in professional education, while providing the best value for both members and sponsors.'

The new merger proposal represents the input of ACTE's board of directors, many of the association's sponsors, and a number of its international members and is being presented openly for industry consideration. Crum expects the concept to be warmly received as it incorporates much of the dialogue offered by NBTA officials in the last few months.

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