Radisson Hotels Data Breach

Radisson Hotels revealed Wednesday that a 'limited' number of guests may have had their credit or debit card data stolen, due to a breach of the computer systems at some of the chain's hotels.

Radisson The illegal access was discovered this past spring. The company says the breaches took place between November 2008 and May 2009 at some hotels in the United States and Canada. "At this time we do not know how many properties and/or consumers/guests were affected," according to a FAQ on the Radisson Web site.

A Radisson spokesman did say that the attack appears to be from an "outside source" and that the company has "no reason to believe it was an insider."

But Radisson didn't even realize the attack had taken place until it was contacted by several credit card companies and card processors. The company says it's taken "additional security measures" to block any future such attacks, and is working with card issuers and credit reporting agencies to identify and resolve any fraudulent usage.

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