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Triptelevision Re-Launches 'Prove It! Campaign to Prove 35% Sales Increase With Video Marketing Platform

Now Accepting Additional Test Partners!

TripTelevision Building on the success of its initial PROVE IT Campaign, TripTelevision has decided to expand its study to include ten additional companies! 'The PROVE IT campaign has given us the online consumer data needed to substantiate our video platform as a solid marketing application within a website', says Kulin Strimbu, President and CEO. 'The viewer data has definitely shown that video can capture, engage, and convert the online consumer in a way words and static images simply can't. Increasing the scope of our study so we can capture more data to support our initial conclusions is works for vendors, consumers, and TripTelevision. Everyone wins'.

TripTelevision offers online marketers the opportunity to increase sales, site retention, and unique visitors through use of its video marketing platform and production. Unique to all video players in the industry, TripTelevision provides 'smart' technology built with the consumer in mind. The patented Video Assembly Engine blends seller needs with consumer preferences to provide a constantly updated playlist. Viewers fine-tune their experience through profiling and video keyword search tools. Differentiating themselves from stand-alone video production companies, distribution organizations, and asset management companies, TripTelevision manages provider content and automatically syndicates it to the top 20 viral, rich media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. They also work within the travel industry to push video content through consortia partners, the travel agent community, and repurpose video content for commercial and advertising use. Best of all, TripTelevision recently launched their mobile solution that delivers video content direct to travelers through their Blackberry or iPhone!

TripTelevision invites PROVE IT II partner applications from the following industry categories - CVB/DMO, Hotel, Resort, Cruise Line, Tour Operators/Wholesaler, Excursion Company, and Luxury Home Rental - to apply for participation in this study. These partners will receive video production of their property, multiple video players to utilize within their website, free syndication to the viral media sites, and a one year subscription to the TripTelevision platform including video storage and asset management tools. All relevant video viewing data will be documented and shared with the participant as well as the industry!

To apply, please e-mail with your company name, contact information, and an explanation of why your organization is a good candidate for this study.
If you would like more information about this promotion or to schedule a product demonstration, please contact us at information or visit

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