Corporate Lay-Offs: Did They Get Rid Of The Wrong People? - By Alan E. Young, Apical Resource Group

It has been more than a year since companies began the react to the downturn in the economy. The unfortunate aspect of the economic downturn was that is has affected people and people are what makes an economy or a country great. People build our cars, people build houses, people serve breakfasts lunches and dinners in restaurants and hotels all over North America, people sell products and services, basically, people, try their best to get the job done.

Apical Resource Group At the forefront of the economic issues were big, far reaching companies that were to act as the catalyst for the most dramatic recession North America and the world has experienced since the great depression. These companies and their directors and executives made mistakes and it affected people all over the globe.

Now as we see a softening of the economy and economic data shows us that we are slowly crawling our way out of this recession companies are re-assessing their business targets and strategy. It is now that companies need the best and brightest and most passionate people involved in their next phases of growth. This being said, companies have made some mistakes along the way in how they have treated their employees and shareholders so they must begin by making sure that there is trust between corporations and the people who make them run.

The first phase of the realization that indeed we were in a recession was the fact that companies laid people off from their jobs as a reaction to the downturn. Companies can cut travel budgets, stop buying pencils and paper but the best way to lower your costs is to get rid of people...and get rid of them quickly. This enabled companies to try and come to grips with the economic environment however the shock to their employees who were now on the streets was immeasurable.

The second phase of employee lay-offs was much more targeted. Companies could still use the economy as a crutch in the decision making process but those who were let go were the ones who were perceived as not 'making the grade'. These targeted lay-offs focused on the higher paid, the lack luster, the non-conforming and the non-performing people within their employment ranks. It was easy for companies to effect lay-offs due to the fact that they can always blame the 'down-sizing' on the economy.

But, in the second phase of companies possibly taking advantage of a bad situation, did they happen to get rid of the wrong people?

I have heard from a number of people who are in charge of some large companies within the travel and hospitality space that they may have let the wrong people go in the second phase of workforce reductions. Now what do they do? Do they have to get rid of some more people who are not performing up to their potential and incur the costs of training, educating and orienting new employees that may be better able to get the job done? This is a question that I believe more and more companies are asking themselves this question at this juncture as the economy looks like it may indeed begin to grow again.

This is quite a predicament for both employees and employers. Employees need to know that they are safe in order to deliver the best possible results for their employers and employers need to drive revenues and keep costs in line. There still will be changes to the employment landscape within the coming months but companies need to make sure that they are making these changes properly while thinking about the future. Employees need to now react to an economy that requires excellence from the working population. Employees cannot take their positions for granted.

When companies are forced to get rid of people in order to keep the books looking good, make sure that you have taken a good hard look at the employees you are about to lay-off. We are not completely out of the woods yet so it is imperative that employers and employees work together to ensure the success of their own companies as well as their respective industries.

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